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									                                                  VDP SOFTWARE
                                                                      product roundup
Information used for this product roundup has been provided           FUSIONPRO VDP SUITE 6.0
by the vendors, whose claims or features have not been veri-            Printable Technologies has released FusionPro VDP
fied. As always, buyers should thoroughly research all prod-          Suite 6.0. This release provides fully integrated support
ucts before making a purchase.                                        for the FusionPro Desktop plug-in with both Adobe Ac-
                                                                      robat 9 and InDesign CS4, resulting in seamless com-
EFI FIERY FREEFORM KIT                                                patibility with both Macintosh and Windows operat-
  EFI’s Fiery FreeForm Kit provides a complete set                    ing systems. Repeatable Components let users reuse
of tools for creating VDP jobs. The FreeForm driver                   small subsections of a design multiple times within a
based technology already exists in Fiery servers, so                  template to simplify jobs such as coupons and identi-
there is no extra cost and it requires no specific VDP                fication cards. JavaScript Frame Controls allow users
software application to work. The kit demonstrates                    to modify up to 50 frame attributes using JavaScript
how to use this technology and comes with templates                   rules for dynamic template changes, including colors,
of typical jobs in metric and inch versions that can be               content, and frame visibility. Repeat Record provides a
used “as is” or modified to produce marketing pieces.                 rules-based method for repeating multiple records dur-
It also comes with sample databases in Excel spread-                  ing composition for jobs that require sequencing, such
sheets with step-by-step instructions on how to use                   as ticket production.
and modify the templates.                                               Current FusionPro Desktop users (versions 3.x, 4.x and
                                                                      5.x) may upgrade to version 6.0 for $299. Additional new
                                                                      licenses are available for $599.
                                                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY

                                                                        XMPie enables a VDP functionality and cross-media
                                                                      dynamic publishing applications, such as email and Per-
        FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY   sonal Response URLs (PURLS). The software is scalable and
                                                                      modular, allowing users to start with an entry level desk-
DARWIN 3.0                                                            top solution and move up to enterprise/server configura-
  Creo, a Kodak company, will soon release version                    tions, while leveraging and building on all prior work.
3.0 of its Darwin VDP software. The new version is a                  It uses Adobe InDesign for template creation. Users can
scalable, cross-platform system, available in desktop                 control rules to drive professional content personalization
and server class configurations, on MAC and PC. It                    options, such as putting text on a curve, support masks,
transforms files from Adobe Creative Suite into VDP                   transparency, turn on and off Adobe InDesign layers and
campaigns with personalized URLs and printed items.                   graphics, adding watermarks, support imprints and proof
It features new business logic tools, an extended bar-                layers. Virtually all the professional printing techniques
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