Canteen Of Northern California installs VendMisers funded by utilities commission by ProQuest


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▶    Canteen Of Northern                              Throughout 2009, Compass
     California installs                          Group will deploy PayPass- and
                                                  payWave-accepting Vivotech 4500M
                                                                                          People in the News
     VendMisers funded by
                                                  contactless readers at check-out
     utilities commission                                                                 MARS CHOCOLATE GLOBAL PRESIDENT
                                                  lines in its foodservice locations.     BOB GAMGORT RESIGNS
Canteen of Northern California will                   “Our on-site cafeterias typi-           Bob Gamgort, global president of
install more than 400 VendMisers                  cally handle large groups of people     Mars Chocolate, has resigned from
in beverage vending machines the                  at lunchtime, and our operators         his post, according to Advertising Age.
company operates in Sonoma, Napa                  need the best use of technology to
and Marin Counties. The program is                                                        DANNON CO. NAMES GUSTAVO VALLE
                                                  maximize speed of service to our        AS PRESIDENT AND CEO
                                                  customers to enhance their din-             The Dannon Co. announced that
                                                  ing experience,” said Rob Watkins,      Gustavo Valle will become president
                                                  chief information officer of Compass     and CEO, replacing Juan Carlos Dalto.
                                                                                          Valle is currently the CEO of Danone
                                                  Group North America in a prepared
                                                                                          Brazil and will relocate to the White
                                                  statement. Compass Group will ac-       Plains, N.Y. area. Dalto has decided
                                                  cept MasterCard PayPass and Visa        to pursue a career in international
                                                  payWave in addition to all other        strategic consulting.
                                                  traditional magnetic-stripe payment
                                                                                          COTT CORP. NAMES JERRY FOWDEN
                                                  card brands.
                                                                                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                                                                                             Cott Corp. recently named Jerry
                                                  ▶   Massachusetts vendors               Fowden as its chief executive officer.
                                                      group and NAMA urge                 UNILEVER PLC NORTH AMERICA
                                                      members to oppose                   PRESIDENT KEVIN HAVELOCK WILL
expected to save over 700,000
                                                      proposed sales tax                  MOVE TO GLOBAL ICE CREAM
kilowatts of electricity and reduce
                                                                                              Unilever PLC’s president-North
carbon emissions by as much as 
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