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               By Kimberly Johnston

Expo exhibits                                                                                                            EZ- Liner
                                                                                                                         583 Air Spray

           marking equipment

         ontractors involved in pavement       3650 as an entry level machine designed      Stratton gasoline engine, and a 13.2
         marking couldn’t have found           and priced for contractors who stripe        cfm air compressor. Two wheels on
         a better place to compare and         only a few times a week. Weighing 166        the front of the 583 help with stability
contrast pavement marking equipment            lbs., the 3650 features two 13-in. pneu-     and dismounting paint guns allow for
than the 2009 National Pavement Expo           matic tires, a front swivel wheel with       hand spraying. If you’re looking to do
Feb. 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Most of           Airlessco’s Radius Memory system, and        more with your striper, the 583 includes
the industry’s equipment manufacturers         a piston-pump driven system with a max       options such as a glass bead dispenser, a
brought units to the exhibit floor (and        output of .7 gpm. Gordon says the Sure       5-gal. paint tank, a curb painting attach-
paint suppliers also showed up in force),      Stripe 4050 is a step up from the 3650,      ment, a 30-in. adjustable line guide, and
so pavement marking contractors could          weighing the same but producing .8           a field marking configuration.
get a great overview of what’s available       gpm and featuring a foot-operated park-          Also available from EZ-Liner is its
to help them succeed in their pavement         ing brake. Gordon says both stripers fea-    Belgian Self-Propelled Walk-Behind
marking businesses.                            ture an externally adjustable packing sys-   striper which can be used in airport and
                                               tem, enabling the operator to adjust both    runway striping, says Dick Bjork, East-
                                               the upper and lower packing tension          ern regional sales manager. This unit,
                                               easily from outside the pump, reducing       which is available in an air or airless
                                               both downtime and maintenance costs.         model, features a 13-hp Honda gasoline
                                                  Not on display but available for the      engine with electric start and a 13.2 cfm
                                               high-production striping contractor          air compressor with unloader valve. The
                                               is Airlessco’s Sure Stripe 9500 which        self-propelled striper can go in forward
                                               features hydraulics instead of a piston      and reverse with variable speed control
                                               pump and is billed as featuring the “big-    and features a heavy-duty front swivel
                                               gest paint pump on the market.” Out-         caster. One-, two-, or three-line configu-
                                               put on the 9500 is 2.7 gpm with annual       rations to paint up to 36-in. lines in a
                                               usage projected as up to 30,000 gal. per     single pass are availabl
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