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               By Kimberly Johnston

      Trends and
   innovations in
      the asphalt
   paver market                                                       Volvo’s electrically heated Omni 1000 screed provides even heating
                                                                      of the screed and less fumes compared to diesel-heated screeds.

        lthough the asphalt paver has         have been around the large asphalt paver       compaction differential, Sunkenberg says.
          evolved since it was first manu-    market for nearly 15 years and have            Manufacturers agree that these high-den-
           factured, the asphalt paving       entered into the commercial paver market       sity screeds might become the standard for
equipment industry is seeing some recent      in the last three years, says John Hood,       future asphalt pavers, and manufacturers,
trends and innovations that are influenc-     Bomag Americas’ sales manager for paving       such as Vogele and Volvo, have or are look-
ing both current and future asphalt paver     and milling products in the United States.     ing to begin incorporating these screeds on
manufacturing.                                    The screed seems to be getting the         their pavers in the U.S. market.
                                              most attention when it comes to innova-            Another huge trend for asphalt paver
Trends & innovations                          tions. In addition to electric screeds, man-   manufacturers is a focus on operator
Manufacturers agree that the trend            ufacturers such as Dynapac are incor-          comfort. “As manufacturers we’re all try-
toward electrically heated screeds is here    porating dual screeds to help compact          ing to figure out ‘If I was running this
to stay and might just be the biggest         asphalt. “Dynapac’s Compact Asphalt            paver, would I be comfortable sitting
influence on current paver manufactur-        unit has dual screeds which allows you         here for eight to 10 hours a day operat-
ing. The trend toward electric screeds        to lay two lifts of asphalt,” says Tom         ing. And if I put someone new in that
came about with a growing emphasis on         Chastain, Dynapac’s product manager for        operator’s station are the controls sim-
fuel efficiency. Electric screeds eliminate   paving and milling. “By laying these lifts     ple enough or laid out well enough,’”
the use of diesel fuel and the resulting      simultaneously it offers better integration    Chastain says.
fumes. They also offer an easier way to       of the mix design and better adhesion for          Ergonomics, visibility, and comfort are
control heat and are cleaner thus elimi-      a stronger surface.”                           all playing important roles in new paver
nating some maintenance issues associ-            Another s
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