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                     It’s easy                                   NLB StarJet-Plus
                                                                 The StarJet-Plus from NLB is the first
                                                                 ultra-high-pressure water jet system
                                                                 with on-board filtration. The
Crafco Super                                                     StarJet-Plus is a closed-loop sys-
                                                                 tem with rotating water jets on a
Sealcoater                                                       robotic arm mounted to the front of a flatbed truck. It features 40,000 psi water
Crafco’s new Super                                               jets, proportional controls on the robotic arm for more speed and better control,
Sealcoater is available in                                       in-cab video, and three levels of waste and debris handling.
550- and 800-gal. capaci-
ties. Features include an over-                                  ✔ Enter 5 at
sized hydraulic system, a locking lid with
a sand grate and inner splash lid, a 35-gal.
water tank with pump, and variable/revers-
ible hydraulic speed control.
✔ Enter 6 at

                                                                    STAR SEAL is the

                                                                                                                                                 STAR 800-759-1912
                                                                    contractor’s choice for
                                                                    pavement protection. Specially        Good-Seal Products Corp.
                                                                                                          Milwaukee, WI
                                                                    formulated to outlast major
                                                                    competitors products. Meets
                                                                                                          Great Lakes Coatings, Inc.
                                                                    and or exceeds ASTM, Federal          Benton Harbor, MI
                                                                    and other specifications. Dries
                                                                    to a rich black finish – Asphalt
                                                                                                          Hercules Sealcoat Mfg., Inc.
                                                                    looks new again! Economical           Atlanta, GA
Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Rollers                                      and easy to apply.          
Dynapac offers the 8- to 10-ton class                                                                     Lonestar Sealcoat & Supply Inc.
                                                                                                          14041 Chrisman Rd., Houston TX 77039
CC224HF and split-drum CC234HF tandem
asphalt rollers, as well as the 10- to 12-ton                                                   

CC324HF and split-drum CC334HF mod-                                                                       McConnell & Assoc. Corp.- K.C. MO
                                                                                  STAR SEAL               N. Kansas City, MO
els. “Soft” starting and stopping prevents                                        SUPREME       
bowing or cracking, and the double pump                                           Simply the best.        McConnell & Assoc. Corp.
vibration system eliminates the need for a                                        It is a premium         Pevely, MO

vibration valve. The rollers are powe
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