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									            THE FIRE SCENE                                                >>>

 Are You Fit?
Are You Really Up to the Physical Demands of Firefighting?

         re you fit? You know what I                         department for assistance, they need           you out and to the hospital. Your absence
         mean. Are you ready to stretch                      help. If you are on the apparatus that ar-     could contribute to a family losing their
         a hoseline, conduct a search or                     rives at a house fire at 2 A.M., you may be    home or another firefighter being injured
vent a roof at a house fire tonight? Can                     the one ordered to gear up and enter the       or worse. Nobody will complain about
you wear your bunker gear for the time                       house for a primary search. You could          any of this because they will be more
it takes to respond to, operate at and                       also be the firefighter                                          concerned about you
wind down at a structural fire without
going into respiratory distress? Can
                                                             selected to lead a search
                                                             through rough terrain
                                                                                                  Attention                   than them.
                                                                                                                                  The last group you
you put on your bunker pants without
sitting down? Would your family doc-
                                                             for a lost child or the
                                                             person selected to jump
                                                                                                firefighters:                 let down when you are
                                                                                                                              out of service is your
tor allow you to be an active member                         down into a confined                                             company or depart-
of your fire company if he or she knew                       space to assist with the        I’m trying to save               ment. I’m sure you are
what activities are involved and the                         rescue of a trapped con-                                         an active and influential
amount of physical exertion that could                       struction worker. It’s not           your life.                  member of your com-
be required?                                                 all about you. There are                                         pany and you probably
     I’m not criticizing you; I’m trying                     a lot of other folks out           If you’re not                 are involved in many
to save your life. If you are not fit for the                there depending greatly                                          aspects of the organi-
physical activities required for struc-
tural firefighting, you need to do one of
                                                             on your stamina, ability
                                                             and fitness to save them
                                                                                               physically fit,                zation. When you are
                                                                                                                              not around, there is a
the following: get in shape or find a job
or activity that you can perform that
                                                             or their home.
                                                                  Let’s take a look at         get yourself in                vacuum of ideas and in-
                                                                                                                              spiration. If you’re gone
does not threaten your life.                                 each of these important                                          forever, your input,
     I’m no doctor, but I can tell you right                 people.                           shape or find                  you
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