Coughlin provides CIR solution by ProQuest


In [Darren Coughlin]'s CIR train, a Roadtec 950-hp RX-900 cold planer provided the train's propulsion, towing a RT-500 cold recycler and a nurse tank for the emulsions. It also pushed a water truck and a slurry tanker that are always with the train.

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     Coughlin provides

New cold in-place recycling technology put to the test on
Nevada maintenance project

              ith highways and          throughout the Western United         ing base cracks from migrating
              paved roads around        States, recently used the latest in   to the surface. A final overlay
              the world exhibiting      CIR technology on a district main-    of traditional hot mix was then
              surface defects in        tenance contract project involving    applied after a curing period of
              need of repair, utiliz-   four different sites throughout the   approximately two weeks. The
ing an innovative road reconstruc-      state of Nevada.                      four Nevada sites were located
tion process such as cold-in-place         All four sites required the cre-   on U.S. 93, S.R. 447, S.R.757, and
recycling (CIR) is a cost-effective     ation of a “crack barrier” between    U.S. 50.
and environmentally friendly            the existing roadbed and the new
alternative to more conventional        surface, and specifications stipu-    CIR train
methods of rebuilding asphalt           lated that the existing roadbed          Coughlin employed the CIR
roadways.                               was to be partially milled up,        “recycling train concept” con-
   Coughlin Company, a Utah-            mixed with additives and placed       sisting of tanker trucks, milling
based company providing mill-           back on the road.                     machines, crushing and screening
ing, CIR, heavy hauling, pulveriz-         The subbase created in this way    units, mixers, pavers and rollers
ing, and soil stabilization services    has the ability to keep underly-      — all designed and integrated into

46   asphalt contractor • March 2009
one comprehensive operation.                                                                                                                           A precut was
   In Coughlin’s CIR train, a Road-                                                                                                                    made on some
                                                                                                                                                       portions of
tec 950-hp RX-900 cold planer pro-
                                                                                                                                                       the project
vided the train’s propulsion, tow-                                                                                                                     where a width
ing a RT-500 cold recycler and a                                                          
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