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Photo I – p/u October 2008 KCMA Supplement, p.
20, #1 (sorry, it won’t copy for me!)
7. Huntwood Custom Cabinets has added a
range of products and styles to its cabinet offering.
Among the recently released products are seven

            oday’s kitchen and bath dealers and designers have      crafted with sustainable materials and VOC-free finishes,
            been handed the challenge of not only making the        low-flow water devices and appliances that significantly
            home a more beautiful, comfortable place in which       surpass Energy Star recommendations are all making their
  to live, but a healthier, more environmentally sound space        mark. While aesthetics, durability and ease of use are still
  as well. As consumers become more aware of how their              the most important benchmarks for choosing a product,
  surroundings affect not only their family’s health, but that of   environmental impact is quickly gaining ground as an
  the earth, their interest in safer, sustainable products grows.   important element in product selection.
       Manufacturers that supply the kitchen and bath industry         On this and the following two pages, KBDN looks at a
  have responded to this trend on all levels. Countertops           sampling of the environmentally sound products that are
  made from recycled and salvaged products, cabinets                currently available in the marketplace.

stain colors, five paint colors, two glazed finishes,
1. This traditional kitchen from Candlelight
16 door styles and new wood options.
Cabinetry features the company’s Plymouth full
Circle No. XXX on Product Card in March KBDN
inset door. The Crème Brulee painted finish is
accented by an antiquing effect with a sand-off.
Circle No. 215 on Product Card in March KBDN
Photo B on server
8. CaesarStone offers quartz countertops in six
2. The Silestone Life! Series of countertops from
different colors that contain recycled materials.
Cosentino USA adds five vivid and bright colors
Chocolate Truffle and Smoky Ash are the latest
to the Silestone color spectrum, which now totals
introductions that contain post-consumer recycled
more than 65 shades. The quartz countertops are
glass, joining Ruby and Quartz Reflections in that
non-porous, scratch- and stain-resistant, feature
category. Carbone (shown) and Marrone contain
Microban protection and are Greenguard certified
recycled CaesarStone material.
as they release zero VOCs into the atmosphere.
Circle No. XXX on Product Card in March KBDN
Shown is Orange Cool.
Circle No. 216 on Product Card in March KBDN
MUST RUN                                                1.
Photo W on server                                                                      2.
3. The Narrow Pull-out Knife Block from Crystal
9. The flow-optimized showerhead from Moen
Cabinet Works is made with multiple random
features spray formers that concentrate the flow
hardwood species from recovered waste material.
of water, reducing the amount of water used
A door front matching the cabinetry would be
compared to standard showerheads. The optimized
applied to the front of the pull-out. A multi-specie
spray pattern preserves the powerful stream while
knife unit for drawers and cutlery tray are also
only using 1.75 gallons per minute.
Circle No. XXX on Product Card in March KBDN
Circle No. 217 on Product Card in March KBDN
4. Amerec steam bath generators conserve water
Photo S on server
while providing a spa environment for the home.
10. SFA Saniflo has introduced a round-front toilet
The generato
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