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Enough is Enough: The Treated Lumber Industry Stands Up to a Destructive Campaign


As an industry we have a long and well-established history of providing safe and reliable pressure-treated lumber products. Today, we're taking the unusual step of coming together to denounce the recent efforts being employed by Viance LLG to discredit micronized copper pressure-treated lumber. Some of us manufacture these products; some of us do not. We all are concerned about the negative impact this campaign is having on our industry.

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									                               Enough is Enough:
                                          The Treated Lumbe
                                                            r Industry
                                          Stands Up to a Dest
                                                              ructive Campaign
Febr uary 17, 20

Viance LLC
                 President & CEO
Steve Ainscough,                  0
                  n Road /Suite 35
200 East Woodlaw
Charlotte, NC 28

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                               r products. Toda                                        scredit m icroni ze
          re-treated lu mbe                                      Viance LLC to di
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                              foru ms are alread                                      vation (I RG). We
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                                   iona l Research Gr                                       ents in these foru
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                                                    is no  t ab out competit                                tire industry.
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     We   va lue he althy co                     e reputation    and questions the
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