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Exterior lighting


The benefits of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for exterior lighting on commercial vehicles are fairly well established: superior brightness compared to incandescents and shock-resistant diodes with extremely long life, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Good spec'ing, good maintenance and eliminating bad practices that cause problems are three big things you can do to mitigate your total lighting costs, says Brad Van Riper, Truck-Lite Inc's SVP and chief technology officer. He advises that a fleet buying lighting should consider LED products. Tim Gilbert, Peterson Manufacturing's sales director for OEMs and fleets, notes that if one is keeping equipment seven to ten years, it makes sense to go with LEDS. But don't consider only the cost of lamps. Look at the lighting and harness system as a package, not as individual components, Gilbert emphasizes. Gilbert said Peterson has several fleets converting to LEDs from incandescents as needed, retrofitting tail lamps and keeping the incandescents as spares.

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