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"People ask me all the time, 'Well, if you don't eat meat or dairy, what do you eat?' And I'm like, 'Well, what don't I eat? I eat so much more food than you do,'" [Joel Capolongo] says. "So many doors were opened to me once I stopped eating meat because you have to find different things to eat: Mediterranean food and Chinese food and Thai food and all these ethnic cuisines I've never tried before because there are a lot of non-meat dishes in those cultures. I really see it as gaining a whole new experience of food and culture rather than losing meat and dairy.""I think also, as veganism becomes more prevalent, there's a lot more known about the health benefits of a vegan diet," Capolongo says. "I mean, a lot more studies have been done by the medical community-there's actually a group called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that endorses the vegan diet and says it is the healthiest way to live. And they're doctors, not some weird punk rock kids with Mohawks telling you this; it's people that practice medicine and they know what they're talking about. I feel like that's helped it gain acceptance. There's a whole lot of medical and health benefits behind the whole ideology.""There are just so many more people who maybe don't consider themselves vegetarian or vegan and they're learning to eat less and less meat," [Cathy Kelly] says. "They're starting to feel that difference and they tell other people, 'Oh, this symptom went away,' or 'I lost this much weight,' or 'I just feel better,' or 'I can tell in my body when I go back to eat this other food it just doesn't feel right anymore.' People are really becoming conscious on a different level of how things feel in their bodies. What's funny is when you stop eating one thing and then go back three or four weeks later it doesn't taste as good or feel as good anymore. It's an interesting balance, and your body gets used to certain things, then it gets used to the new things."

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8015 Oswego Rd. • Liverpool
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       Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM • Sun 10AM-6PM
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                                                                                                                                                                                                               MICHAEL DAVIS PHOTOS
                                                                        Swap Meat
         The 2009 Wine Dinner Series
                    continues with
        Favorites from
       around the world
      A six-course dinner showcasing Exceptional
     Wines from across the Wine Producing World.
          Friday, March 27th, 2009
     Hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m. Dinner at 7 p.m.
                1st Course
       Shrimp & Fontina Tartlet with
  Wilted Arugula and Maytag Bleu Cheese
   2007 McWilliams “Hanwood Estate”                                          Improved health is just one reason to try meatless on March 20
       Riesling, Southeast Australia
                                                                                                                    By Jennifer Brown

                 2nd Course
     Pan Roasted White Fish with Chive Oil                  pring rolls around on Friday, March 20,          Founded in 1985 by the non-profit organi-       proactive about reversing world hunger. A
         and Langostino Mashed Potato
       2006 Maso Canali Single Vineyard                     and thousands of people around the           zation FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement),          vegetarian from the age of 19, Moncrief had
           Pino Grigio, Venezie, Italy                      globe plan to put down the burgers and       this will mark the 25th annual celebration of       the basic idea of what it meant back then, but
                 3rd Course                        chicken in favor of greens and grains. It’s not       Meatout Day. While it is a huge event for the       she didn’t fully understand the implications
              Pan Roasted Squab                    that they’re ravenous to chew up the first signs      organization, Meatout doesn’t go into hiber-        of not eliminating all animal products. While
          with Cherry Balsamic Glaze
              2006 M. Chapoutier                   of life the second the frozen hell known as win-      nation for 364 days waiting for the next anni-      in graduate school studying world hunger
      “Belleruche” Cote du Rhone, France           ter finally thaws. Rather, they’ll be getting their   versary. Instead, the group pushes year-round       issues, someone clued her in that cutting
                 4th Course                        veg on to celebrate Meatout Day, an event that        for people to exist meat-free, conducting           out meat alone isn’t enough to stop animal
    Cilantro and Maple Glazed Pork Loin            calls for people to step up and kick the meat         around 1,000 events worldwide including an          suffering.
  with Savory Cabbage and Root Vegetables          habit for 24 hours, and then hopefully work           Earth Day event on April 22, which educates             “{My friend} says, ‘Oh, if you really care
          2007 Don Miquel Gascon
     Mendoza Valley Malbec, Argentina              toward cutting back or completely eliminating         the masses on how destructive meat produc-          about the animals you should go vegan, be-
                                                   animal products for the rest of their lives.          tion is to the environment.                         cause the things they do to animals for eggs
                   5th Course
     Pistachio Crusted Angus Beef Filet with           Activities around the world—which the                 Beyond the events, Meatout also provides        and dairy is worse {than just slaughtering
         White Truffle Oil Madiera Sauce           Meatout organization helps local volunteers           tools like a free Veg Kit and a weekly Meatout      them}.’” As Moncrief delved deeper into her
       with Smoked Blue Mountain Potato
     2006 Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon,          coordinate—include festivals, cooking                     Monday e-letter, a fun missive providing        friend’s claim, she discovered just how bad
            Sonoma/Napa, California                demonstrations, lectures and feed-ins.                       recipes, inspiration and veg product         industrial-farmed dairy cows and hens have
                6th Course                         In Syracuse, Alto Cinco and Strong                             information, to aid people with their      it. According to the Action For Animals Web
          Swiss Chocolate Souffle                  Hearts Cafe will provide an informa-                            transition to a plant-based diet. Folks   page (www.afa-online.org), both industries
      with Fresh Raspberry Coulis and
              Crème Anglaise                       tion table at their venues during                               can sign up for both the kit and the e-   keep their dairy cows and hens constantly
 2006 Penquin Bay Late Harvest Muscat Valin        the day. And in Cicero there will be                          letter at www.meatout.org or call (800)     impregnated and boarded away in cramped
               New York State                      an information table as well as a veg-                     MEATOUT.                                       stalls and cages until they’re no longer of use
                                                   etarian/vegan or “veg” meal and lecture at                While Meatout’s main priority is giving ani-    to the farmers. The hens and dairy cows then
             $75 Per Person
     Reservations are required. Call 637-9999.     Speedy Greens Organic Vegetarian Restaurant           mals a voice and protecting their rights, it also   join the fate of other cows and chickens and
        Relax and spend the night! Special         from 4 to 7 p.m.                                      concerns itself with the negative health and en-    are sent off to the slaughterhouse to die at a
      Overnight room rates are available for           “It’s a very festive day,” says Dawn Mon-         vironmental effects that go along with eating       fraction of their natural life expectancy.
             our Wine Lover Friends!
                                                   crief, Meatout’s executive director, from her         meat—the increased risk for high cholesterol            Moncrief also discovered that in order to
                                                   Bethesda, Md., office. “We have it in all 50          and any number of cancers, and the depletion        feed all of these farm animals, food is taken
                                                   states and two dozen countries, and people            of water, grain and land to raise livestock—and     from the poorest of countries to sustain the
                                                   get to celebrate the joys and benefits of a veg       fully supports all reasons behind adopting a        livestock. “{That got me} wondering, ‘Why isn’t
                                                   diet. So a lot of people focus on the health          plant-based diet.                                   anyone talking about how food can be more
                                                   and environmental benefits, and, of course,               For Moncrief, Meatout’s executive director      accessible to the poor if we weren’t outfitting
                                                   there are a lot of people concerned with the          for the past seven years, one of those reasons      it to create food for the wealthy?’” Moncrief
                                                   animal side of things.”                               was a way to protect animals and become             says. “And so that became my mission to

10             March 18 - 25, 2009 Syracuse New Times                                                                      NEWS & OPINION FEATURE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS CLASSIFIED
get the United States in particular, but also
globally, to reduce their meat consumption,
                                                       Strong Hearts Cafe                                     Sweet dreams: Among the goodies at Sugarpearl
                                                           Going vegetarian or vegan can be the               is the zucchini sweet pumpkin pannycakes, a vegan
preferably to eliminate it.”
                                                       culinary adventure of a lifetime, and finding          carb delight for $4.95. And, facing page, Cathy Kelly
    Things have shifted toward a more veg-
                                                       restaurants around town is part of that adven-         shows off a Speedy Greens salad.
friendly world, a trend Moncrief has been
pleased to witness. Veganism is no longer              ture. Of course there are the Syracuse staples
a foreign word or casual lifestyle; more and           that carry a large vegetarian/vegan section on
more people want what they eat to be a re-             their menus, such as the Middle Eastern res-
flection of their ideals and morals. People real-      taurants Munjed’s, King David’s and Aladdin’s,
ize the benefits of fueling their bodies with          and Alto Cinco, which dishes up delectable
pure foods. Ac
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