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									to call anybody out,” Malfitano said. “It’s just   color photos, journals, drawings, writings and      Glass curtain: A Hutchings
up to others to step up and follow this lady’s     videos on display at the Link Gallery in the        Psychiatric Center patient created
{Mahoney’s} lead. All of our partners under-       Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette St.                       this metaphorical photograph
stand. We all understand what Jazz Fest is all         “This is very different than a lot of the       for an exhibit at downtown’s Link
about. Anybody who’s ever been there—the           photo projects I do,” said Mahan. “This one
50,000 to 60,000 people who show up—               isn’t about that you work to have a show at
understand. We just need a little more help.”      the end, and it’s not about teaching people to          Hands, shadows, obscured faces,
                           —MaTT MuMau             be photographers. It’s about teaching people         stairwells give these photos a depth,
                                                   to slow down and look at their daily surround-       something especially unusual from
                                                   ings, to see the beauty in the mundane, to give      teen artists. “Simply having access
Self Portraits                                     people who are marginalized and labeled a            to the camera seemed to energize
    All art media have an intensely personal       voice and a chance to tell their own stories.”       the patients,” Lau noted. “In the
aspect, but photography seems to resonate              So with Hutchings, 620 Madison St., as the       process of taking pictures, they
more than painting and sculpture. Perhaps          setting, adults and adolescents alike set out        became more introspective and
it’s that the photo is not a representation, but   to tell their stories. Because of confidentiality    more engaged in creative and honest
captures the real person, the real moment. For     issues, many photographers couldn’t or chose         self-expression. I think that is really
someone suffering from a mental illness, that      not to shoot pictures of their faces. That, com-     empowering for our patients—to be
real person can be hard to pin down.               bined with the preconceived notions the viewer       given the control and the freedom to
    With that in mind, Light Work Gallery col-     may possess about Hutchings, a state-operated        show what they see around them.”
laborated with Hutchings Psychiatric Center to     mental health facility, resulted in an exhibit of       Some of the images are further
bring in Syracuse University artist, photogra-     stark, often desolate, photographs. But visitors     detailed with hand-written notes or
pher and adjunct instructor Stephen Mahan and      to the exhibit will better understand the images     journal pages. “The journals were
three of his students to work with Hutchings art   if they look beyond the stigma of mental health      the best part,” Mahan said. “They
therapist Amy Lau. Armed with 20 digital cam-      and connect to the artists, people who live in an    become a concrete manifestation
eras, Mahan and Lau met with patients, urging      institution. There may be only 37 photos hang-       of the thought process of the whole
them to create images of identity. The result      ing on the wall, but there is no reason to rush      project. Because you’re writing
is I Believe the Wind is a Beautiful Dance, 37     through the exhibit.                                                 continued on next page                                                                                                                Syracuse New Times March 18 - 25, 2009   
                                                      St. Patrick’s
 Photos by Michael Davis

what’s shakin’                                    April 3; gallery hours are Tuesdays to Satur-
                                                  days, noon to 6 p.m. Both Mahan and Lau will
                                                  give a gallery talk at a reception scheduled as
                                                                                                    ed on the western sidewalk of South Salina
                                                                                                    Street where the 45-degree sun was warming
                                                                                                    things up. This was the first St. Patrick’s Parade
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         laws are ignored on this day—as off-duty
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         city cops and firefighters were also feeling
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