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Have You Heard Have You Heard Samantha


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									   Have You Heard?
                                                                                            Samantha Shupe’s “Sweet Summer
                                                                                            Garden” won the RIT/NTID national
                                                                                            art competition for mixed digital me-
                                                                                            Photo courtesy of RIT/NTID

And the Winners Are…                                                                        and the design is simple. Loaded with fea-
The Rochester Institute of Technology/                                                      tures, the phone retails at $269.95. Con-
National Technical Institute for the Deaf                                                   nection with your preferred cell phone
announced the winners of the annual                                                         network is required. Visit www.clarity-
national Digital Arts, Film and Animation                                                   products.com.
Competition for Deaf and Hard-of-
Hearing Students.The contest, in its third                                                   Hearing Access on the
year, resulted in more than 80 entries in                                                    High Seas
photo illustration, graphic media, mixed                                                     The Passenger Vessel Emergency Alarms
digital media and film. The winners of                                                        Advisory Committee presented its re-
each category receive $250 plus a trip                                                       port on accessible passenger boat alarm
to the Deaf Rochester Film Festival. The                                                     systems. The report called for visual ap-
winning entries and honorable mentions                                                       pliances to be added to existing audible
may be viewed at: www.ntid.rit.edu/            including tuition, books and supplies dur-   ones so that alarm systems are also acces-
prospective/daac/winners.php.                  ing any academic term, including summer      sible to passengers who are deaf or hard
                                               term. The deadline for application is May    of hearing. The report also suggests access
College-Bound?                                 1, 2009. 
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