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      Questions Submitted Should:                                                Vote Electronically!
        1. Pertain to current or future issues facing CRNA practice.
                                                                                 All Active members as of May 1,
        2. Be focused and unambiguous.
                                                                                 2009 are eligible to vote
        3. Avoid exploration of social, partisan, or personal matters.
                                                                                        ach active member will have the choice on how to receive the
        4. Be free of bias for any candidate.
        5. Be answerable within a limited time frame.
        6. Consist of a single question. Exceptions may be made if the
                                                                                 E      ballot materials for the 2009 election. In mid-March, you
                                                                                        received a blast email giving you the option of choosing to
                                                                                 receive your ballot materials either electronically or in the mail.
           primary question asks for a very discrete answer (e.g., yes/no            Members who choose to receive ballot materials electronically
           or true/false), and further explanation indicated (e.g., “If yes,     will receive a personalized email from Survey and Ballot Systems
           explain why”). Multiple-part questions should otherwise not be        (AANA’s Election Services Coordinator) containing your E-signature
           considered.                                                           and voting instructions. Those who choose to receive ballot materi-
                                                                                 als by mail will receive their E-signatures and voting instructions in
        7. Not be complicated or lengthy.
                                                                                 their packets.
        8. Not be so technical that research is required to answer                   The Fiscal Year 2009 Nominating Committee strongly encour-
           adequately.                                                           ages electronic voting. Your participation in this process is crucial!
        9. Not require knowledge of confidential material to answer or           Members are the lifeblood of our professional organization, and
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