Automated solid-phase extraction for concentration and clean-up of female steroid hormones prior to liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry: An approach to lipidomics by ProQuest


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									         inform March 2009, Vol. 20 (3)                 173

       Hamazaki, T., N. Suzuki, R. Widyowati,                                                      characterization of cod liver oil
       T. Miyahara, S. Kadota, H. Ochiai, and                                                      by spectroscopic techniques.
       K. Hamazaki
   n ■ The antiproliferative effect of EPA in
                                                                                                   new approaches for the
       HL60 cells is mediated by alterations                                                       determination of compositional
       in calcium homeostasis, Slagsvold, J.E.,                                                    parameters, acyl groups, and
       C.H.H. Pettersen, T. Follestad, H.E.                                                        cholesterol from 1H nuclear
       Krokan, and S.A. Schønberg
   n ■ Atorvastatin decreases stearoyl-CoA
                                                                                                   magnetic resonance and
       desaturase gene expression in THP-1                                                         Fourier transform infrared
       macrophages incubated with oxidized                                                         spectral data
       LDL, Martín-Fuentes, P., A.L. García-
                                                                                                   Guillén, M.D., I. Carton, E. Goicoechea,
       Otín, L. Calvo, D. Gómez-Coronado,                                                          and P.S. Uriarte, J. Agric. Food Chem.
       F. Civeira, and A. Cenarro                                                                  56:9072–9079, 2008.
   n ■ Effect of a seaweed extract on fatty acid                                                         Six samples of cod liver oil were
       accumulation and glycerol-3-phosphate                                                       studied using Fourier transform infrared
       dehydrogenase activity in 3T3-L1 adi-                                                       (FTIR) spectroscopy and 1H nuclear mag-
       pocytes, He, M.L., Y. Wang, J.S. You,                                                       netic resonance ( 1H-NMR). These tech-
       P.S. Mir, and T.A. McAllister                                                               niques provide information simply and
                                                   n ■ The HLD-NAC model for mixtures of
   n ■ Dietary marine-derived tocopherol has                                                       rapidly about the global features of the cod
                                                       ionic and nonionic surfactants, Acosta,
       a higher biological availability in mice                                                    liver oil main components, showing their
                                                       E.J., and A.S. Bhakta                       potential as routine techniques for evaluat-
       relative to alpha-tocopherol, Gotoh,
                                                   n ■ Analysis of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate
       N., H. Watanabe, T. Oka, D. Mashimo,                                                        ing certain parameters of the quality of the
                                                       in waste water and sludge by high per-      cod liver oil. FTIR spectroscopy provides
       N. Noguchi, K. Hata, and S. Wada
                                                       formance liquid chromatography: An          information about the molar percentage of
   n ■ Radical scavenging activity of lipo-
                                                       exercise of validation, Bengoechea, C.,     polyunsaturated acyl groups in the sample
       philized products from lipase-catalyzed
                                                       and A.S. Cantarero                          and also about the ratio between unsatu-
       transesterification of triolein with cin-
                                                   n ■ Influence of sodium ions on micelles of     rated and saturated structures. 1H-NMR
       namic and ferulic acids, Choo, W.-S.,
                                                       surfactin-C16 in solution, Li, Y., R.-Q.    provides information about the proportions
       and E.J. Birch
                                                       Ye, and B.-Z. Mu                            or concentrations of certain acyl groups and
   n ■ Phytosterol-enriched yogurt increases
                                                   n ■ Quantitative monitoring of the ami-         also of some minor compounds such as
       LDL affinity and reduces CD36 expres-
                                                       dation reaction between coconut oil         cholesterol. Both techniques are simple and
       sion in polygenic hypercholester-                                                           fast. New approaches are presented to eval-
                                                       and diethanolamine by attenuated total
       olemia, Ruiu, G., S. Pinach, F. Veglia,                                                     uate the molar proportions or concentra-
                                                       reflectance Fourier transform infra-
       R. Gambino, S. Marena, B. Uberti, N.                                                        tions of some acyl groups such as the molar
                                                       red spectrometry, Khanmohammadi,
       Alemanno, D. Burt, G. Pagano, and                                                           percentages of ω-3, docosahexaenoi
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