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									                                                                                             148         inform March 2009, Vol. 20 (3)

       (IKAR) General Director Dmitry Rylko                 Doing it Right enlists growers as part-   technology involves a series of complex
       told the Interfax News Agency. Sunflower        ners in the effort to ensure that each         mathematical equations aimed at develop-
       oil exports totaled 142,000 MT in Sep-          hectare of farmland achieves its maximum       ing a “bioactive template” based on certain
       tember–November 2008, which is signifi-         yield potential. The aim is to increase        characteristics that distinguish the active
       cantly higher than the previous full-year       farmers’ profitability while reducing the      properties of a compound from the inac-
       record of 76,000 MT seen in 2006. Russia        environmental impact of their operations       tive properties.
       exported 52,000 MT of sunflower oil in          and helping to ensure good working con-
       2007, Interfax said. The main importers of      ditions for farm employees.
       Russian sunflower oil are Kazakhstan, the                          nnn                         R&D
       Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, and Greece.         Thailand’s Saha Pathanapibul Plc, a sub-
       Exporting companies include Sun Prod-           sidiary of the Saha Group, has formed a        The whey protein β-lactoglobulin may
       ucts, Yug Rossii, and Aston.                    strategic alliance with Raisio, the Finnish    spontaneously bind the omega-3 fatty acid
                                                       health products manufacturer, to introduce     docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and offer
                                                       Raisio’s cholesterol-lowering plant stanol     nanoencapsulation potential for formu-
       New ventures                                    product, Benecol, to the Thai market.          lators, according to www.FoodNaviga-
                                                                                             “Israeli researchers report that
       Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM:                Medisyn Technologies Inc. (Min-                the whey protein may be a nano-vehi-
       Decatur, Illinois, USA) and Aliança             netonka, Minnesota, USA) will work             cle for DHA, and nanocomplexes with
       Da Terra, an advocate for sustainable           with Kraft Foods Inc. (Glenview, Illi-         pectin produced transparent dispersion
       farming in Brazil, have initiated Doing it      nois, USA) to develop functional foods.        with extended shelf-life for the ingredi-
       Right, a program to encourage Brazilian         Medisyn, which was founded in 1999, uses       ent,” the online food news site reported.
       soy growers to adopt sustainable farming        a technology known as “forward engineer-       The research appeared in Food Hydrocol-
       practices.                                      ing” to identify bioactive compounds. The      loids (23:1120–1126, 2009). n

       INSIDE AOCS                                     Excellence, Bunge Ltd. (Bradley,
                                                       Illinois, USA); Sevim Z. Erhan,
                                                       center director, Eastern Regional
                                                       Research Center (ERRC), N
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