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									         inform March 2009, Vol. 20 (3)              131

                             AOCS Meeting Watch
                                                May 2–3, 2009. Lipid Oxidation and Antiox-
             Celebrate                          idants Short Course, Rosen Shingle Creek,
                                                Orlando, Florida, USA. Information: e-mail:
                                                                                                   2710 South Boulder Drive
                                                                                                   P.O. Box 17190

             AOCS’                              meetings@aocs.org.                                 Urbana, IL 61803-7190 USA
                                                                                                   Phone: +1-217-359-2344
                                                May 2–3, 2009. 8th Edible Oils Refining Short      Fax: +1-217-351-8091
             100-year                           Course, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida,
                                                USA. Information: e-mail: meetings@aocs.
                                                                                                   E-mail: publications@aocs.org

             anniversary                        org.
                                                                                                   Advertising Instructions and Deadlines:
                                                                                                   Closing date is approximately the first of the month
                                                                                                   preceding date of issue. Insertion orders received after
             in Orlando!                        May 3, 2009. New Tools for Surfactant and
                                                Polymer Characterization Short Course, Rosen
                                                                                                   closing will be subject to acceptance at advertiser’s
                                                                                                   risk. No cancellations accepted after closing date. Ad
                                                Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA. Informa-     materials must be in final form for press upon mate-
             May 3–6, 2009. 100th AOCS          tion: e-mail: meetings@aocs.org.                   rials’ closing date. Materials received after deadline
             Annual Meeting & Expo, Rosen                                                          or requiring changes will be published at advertisers’
             Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida,   May 7–9, 2009. Feed Microscopy Short Course,       risk. Send insertion orders and mechanical materials
             USA.                               Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA.        to advertising offices at the address listed above.
                                                Information: e-mail: meetings@aocs.org.                NOTE: AOCS reserves the right to reject adver-
                                                                                                   tising copy that in its opinion is unethical, misleading,
                                                                                                   unfair, or otherwise inappropriate or incompatible
            For in-depth details on these and other upcoming meetings,                             with the character of inform. Advertisers and advertis-
            visit www.aocs.org/meetings.                                                           ing agencies assume liability for all content (including
                                                                                                   text, representation, and illustrations) of advertise-
                                                                                                   ments printed and also assume responsibility for any
                                                                                                   claims arising therefrom made against the publisher.
       Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA. Infor-            org/shortcourse; information on confer-
                                                                                                   AOCS Advertising: Valorie Deichman
       mation: www.cottonseed.com/cal-              ence: www.afssociety.org/spring2009.           Phone: +1-217-693-4814; Fax: +1-217-351-8091
       endar/default.asp.                                                                          E-mail: valoried@aocs.org
                                                                                                   Copyright © 2008 by AOCS Press.
                                                    May 6–9, 2009. 17th European Congress
       May 3, 2009. New Tools for Surfac-           on Obesity, RAI Exhibition and Conven-         Formerly published as Chemists’ Section, Cotton Oil
       tant and Polymer Characterization            tion Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.       Press, 1917–1924; Journal of the Oil and Fat Industries,
                                                                                                   1924–1931; Oil & Soap, 1932–1947; news portion of
       Short Course, Rosen Shingle Creek,           Information: www.easo.org/eco2009.
                                                                                                   JAOCS, 1948–1989. The American Oil Chemists’ Society
       Orlando, Florida, USA. Information:                                                         assumes no responsibility for statements or opinions
       e-mail: meetings@aocs.org.                   May 7–9, 2009. Feed Microscopy                 of contributors to its columns.
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