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101 e-learning


When it comes to training pharmaceutical sales reps, you can say goodbye to blackboards, crowded classrooms and employee downtime associated with traveling to training sessions. Dwindling sales forces, fewer face-to-face encounters with physicians and a more targeted sales approach is forcing pharma companies to re-think how they train their sales reps. The new training mantra: e-learning. In order to respond to a rapidly changing market and customer needs, AstraZeneca is aggressively pursuing an e-learning strategy. All sales reps at the company are trained on Touchstone and Tablet PCs and the company is incorporating different modalities including, mobile learning, simulations, virtual worlds, and social media. In addition, they are designing different learning methods, according to John Royer, director, sales training strategy, at AstraZeneca. In addition, as the demand for flexibility and nimbleness continue to increase, pharma companies are going to have increased opportunities to deliver training in more of a just-in-time format.

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