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                      CONSTRUCTION SAFETY
                      Public Hearing on Proposed Cranes & Derricks Standard Is March 17
                      OSHA will hold an informal public hearing on the proposed cranes and derricks in construction standard
                      published in October 2008. The hearing will be held March 17 beginning at 10 a.m. EST in the auditorium
                      on the plaza level of the Frances Perkins Building, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Ave. NW,
                      Washington, DC.
  Hotlinks                On Jan. 22, ASSE submitted its comments on the proposed rule to
                                                                                                 OSHA Proposes
                      the agency. In the comments, found at
     ASSE             affairs/docs/012208OSHAcranesruleFINAL.doc, ASSE requested a               Revised Fit Testing
 American Society
of Safety Engineers
                      hearing to determine how OSHA failed to include any references to the      Procedures       A10 consensus standards on Safety Requirements for Construction and        OSHA is seeking to revise fit test-
                      Demolition Operation. In the comments, ASSE raises several technical       ing procedures used to deter-
      CSB             concerns which “indicate [that] references to A10 and other standards      mine the effectiveness of
     Chemical         are both appropriate and necessary if this rulemaking is to be consistent respiratory protection face
  Safety & Hazard     with already widely accepted crane safety practices within industry.”      masks. The current rule includes
Investigation Board                                                                              two categories of respirator fit           ASSE also noted its support for the proposed provisions for crane       tests. Some tests expose wearers
                      operator certification, but cautioned that several changes are needed to   to airborne agents to determine
     DHHS             ensure quality accreditation of certification programs. The Society also   whether they can detect them
 Dept. of Health      urged OSHA to look at its experience with the negotiated rulemaking        and other tests use a machine to
& Human Services      process—which is how the proposed standard was developed—to                measure how much of a test                                                                                    agent leaks into a respirator. The
                      determine whether lessons can be learned to help improve this process
                      as a tool for engaging the entire occupational safety and health commu- proposed revisions would tests to
      DOE             nity in future rulemaking activities.
                                                                                                 certain machine-based fit
  Dept. of Energy                                                                                be conducted more quickly and                                                                                      increase the required score for
                      AIR QUALITY                                                                   passing them. To comment on
      DOL             EPA Revises Policy on Aggregation                                             the proposal, visit www.regula
  Dept. of Labor                                                                           and reference Docket         EPA has issued a final rule under the New Source Review (NSR) pro-            No. OSHA-2007-0007. Comments
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