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Sport Pilot Daze


Thanks to the new sport pilot rule which makes it easier than ever to get your wings without having to fly a wellused plane that smells like old gym socks soaked in stale gas - student pilots are now learning in sharp, shiny new airplanes with roomy cockpits and superb visibility. Amphibious floatplanes with retractable wheels are allowed. * be a ready-to-fly special LSA (SLSA) or an experimental homebuilt LSA (E-LSA). * have N-number registration. * fall within these categories and sets: airplane single-engine (land/sea subsets), glider, lighter-than-air, rotorcraft (gyroplanes only, no helicopters), weight-shift-control (land/sea subsets) and powered parachute. Rather than requiring rigorous airframe certification testing, the FAA empowered a set of LSA-industry self-certification ASTM regulations (ASTM International is a commercial organization with a century of creating industry "standards").

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