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									             INSIDE IREM AMO SPOTlIGhT
                  To earn the Accredited MAnAgeMent OrgAnizAtiOn® (AMO) designation from IREM,
                  a company must demonstrate a high level of performance, experience and finan-
                  cial stability, and have a CPM® in an executive position. AMO firms must meet
                  high ethical standards and other stringent requirements, proving their value to the

lylA gAmbow, cPm, is senior vice Presi-                        put and use 12 percent of our water. Given the impact of
Dent of mAnAgement services for                                those statistics, Transwestern is taking action to reduce its
trAnswestern’s Denver office. Transwest-                       environmental footprint by educating our team members
ern is an AMO firm that offers fully integrated real estate    and providing our clients with sustainable, energy-efficient
services for a broad range of property types, including        solutions. Since 2002, our energy-management practices—
office, industrial, retail, healthcare and multifamily.        including low-to no-cost operational adjustments, capital
   Gambow directs Transwestern’s Mountain region prop-         improvements and energy procurement—have consis-
erty management operations, overseeing more than 8 mil-        tently reduced operating costs by 20 to 30 percent.
lion square feet of Transwestern’s property management
portfolio and developing new business in Metropolitan          whAt Are the benefits of being AssociAteD
Denver and Salt Lake City.                                     with irem?
   JPM talked to Gambow about Transwestern.                    The benefits of belonging to IREM and being an AMO
                                                               accredited firm are very important to Transwestern. Our
how DiD you come to work for trAnswestern?                     philosophy has always been to participate in our commu-
In 1998, I was looking for a firm that truly believed in its   nity and the best way to participate in the real estate com-
people and had a strong corporate culture. I signed up         munity is by belonging to organizations like IREM.
with Transwestern over 10 years ago and I am still very
proud of that decision to join.                                how Do you think the economic Downturn will
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