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									MInorIty report
U.S. population shift spurs increased cultural awareness from
property managers by Janice Rosenberg

    In 1977                 when Barbara Holland, CPM® and
    president of H&L Realty and Management Co. in Las
                                                                   “If I don’t have at least a maintenance technician or
                                                                one of the office staff—either on-site or in the corporate
    Vegas, began working as a property manager in that          office—who speaks Spanish, I’m in trouble,” Holland said.
    Nevada town, English served her everyday needs. Lately         Throughout the United States huge demographic
    she often finds herself looking for a translator.           changes have occurred over the past 30 years. According
      And for good reason. According to the U.S. Census         to a 2008 “Population Brief” published by the Western
    Bureau’s “2006 American Community Survey Data Profile       Rural Development Center—one of four regional centers
    Highlights,” Hispanics and Latinos currently make up 30.6   funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture—the popula-
    percent of the Las Vegas population, up from 23.6 percent   tion of Nevada was 83.4 percent White in 1980; by 2000
    in 2000.                                                    the figure had declined to 67 percent.

                                     www.irem.org        28       mar.apr 2009
                                                                 on-sIte personnel who
   This change was the result of a dramatic increase in          speak languages other
Nevada’s minority population. Between 1980 and 2000,
the Hispanic population grew by 627 percent, the Asian
                                                                 than englIsh can help
population by 509.9 percent and the Black population             Managers coMMunIcate
increased by 155.7 percent.                                      wIth hIred contractors,
   Figures for Nevada reflect demographic changes under-         such as landscapers,
way across the United States. The Census Bureau predicts         whose fIrst language
the country’s Hispanic and Asian populations will more
than double between 2010 and 2040, with Hispanic num-
                                                                 May not be englIsh.
bers rising from 49.7 million in 2010, to 66.4 million in        and looking for places to live, and quite possibly they will
2020.                                                            have different preferences than people have right now.”
   In nearly every state, newly arrived members of vari-            Characteristics common to immigrant populations can
ous ethnic groups influence everything from vegetables           have a positive effect on property managers over the next
in supermarket produce aisles to programming on local            few years for several reasons. This is particularly true for
access cable channels. It’s no wonder that immigrants            those who specialize in multifamily properties consisting
are having an increasingly greater impact on the everyday        of larger units.
interactions and long-term success of property manage-              First, members of immigrant communities tend to have
ment professionals.                                              larger families and are more likely to live in multigenera-
   “Non-English speakers are a growing part of our busi-         tional households, Mather said.
ness,” said Pamela Monroe, CPM, IREM 2009 President  
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