TOP 10 TOOLS by ProQuest


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									Submitted by:
Don Muther, auto shop teacher
Bitburg DOD High School
Bitburg, Germany

                                                             6. Snap-on
                                                                F749 round head 3/8" drive ratchet
                                                               It will do 90 percent of the work I need a ratchet for. Its
                                                               fine-tooth ratchet action allows for a very short swing
1. Snap-on                                                     and the small head lets it get into really
   24 oz dead blow hammer HBFE24                               tight places.
  My absolute favorite and most useful tool has got to
  be the Snap-on, 24 oz. dead blow hammer HBFE24.
                                                             7. OTC 3409 scan tool
  This hammer can pop pistons into bores, smack back
                                                               Because of its compact size and simplic-
  exhaust pipes without damage, flatten dented panels,
                                                               ity it gets the use that my Cornwell 12V
  or whatever job that requires power with finesse.
                                                               test light did 30 years ago and my
                                                               Fluke 88A did 15 years ago.
2. The Equalizer
  The Equalizer is a homemade tool, made from a Jeep
                                                             8. Collins Dynamicut 16 oz. ball
  tie rod ground to a point at one end and cut with a
                                                                peen hammer
  torch into a spoon shape at the opposite end. I built my
                                                               This was my machinist grandfather’s
  first one sometime back in the '70s and have always
                                                               hammer. I don’t know much about it other
  had one hanging on the side of my box since.
                                                               than the metal is tougher than railroad track and
                                                               it has a balance no other hammer can compete with.
3. Bonney Tools 3/8"-drive metric 6-point                      It’s the hammer I reach for 90 percent of the time.
   socket set, 6MM to 22MM
  I bought these from an independent tools truck back
                                                             9. Mac Tools
  in the early '80s and they have turned out to be an
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