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they contain fewer distracting stimuli.      when they are expressionless. Neth and          this decisional account, attended and
As a result, such mechanisms are idler       Martinez demonstrate the utility of this        unattended items are not perceived dif-
during interactions with nature rather       cue in art by showing that the sadness          ferently. —S.P.V.
than civilization. To investigate this       of the farmer in Grant Wood’s famous
prediction, Berman et al. measured the       painting American Gothic (1930) is                     TACTILE pErCEpTIoN
effects of viewing naturalistic versus       due to feature configuration. —A.E.S.
urban landscapes on three components
                                                                                             What Good Are
of attentional functioning measured by               VISUAL ATTENTIoN                        Fingerprints?
the attention network test—alerting,                                                         Scheibert et al. (2009). The role of finger-
orienting, and interference control—         Attending to Perception                         prints in the coding of tactile information probed
                                             Schneider & Komlos (2008). Attention bi-        with a biomimetic sensor. Science. Go to www
using a pre–post design. The find-                                                           .sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/1166467.
                                             ases decisions but does not alter appearance.
ings provide clear-cut support for the       J Vis, 8(15), 3.
attention restoration theory: Interfer-                                                         Although fingerprints usually enter
ence control, but not alerting or orient-       Since at least the time of Helmholtz,        our awareness as elements in some real
ing, improved significantly following        many have speculated about the effects          or fictional crime story, it seems clear
viewing of the natural scenes, but no        of attending to a visual stimulus. One          that they did not evolve to serve as little
change occurred in any of the three at-      widely discussed effect, in which atten-        ID cards. What, if anything, are they
tention networks following viewing of        tion changes the way something is per-          for? One classic hypothesis is that they
the urban scenes. —B.S.G.                    ceived, is often referred to as perceptual      improve your grip. In a current article,
                                             enhancement. With the arrival of signal         Scheibert et al. explore evidence for a
        FACE pErCEpTIoN                      detection and information-processing            theory that might be more interesting
                                             approaches to cognition, however,               to readers of AP&P: Fingerprint ridges
Why the Long Face?                           other possible effects of attention have        may be part of the transduction mecha-
Neth & Martinez (2009). Emotion percep-      emerged. One alternative to perceptual          nism that turns fine surface texture into
tion in emotionless face images suggests a
norm-based representation. J Vis, 9(1), 5.
                                             enhancement is the theory that atten-           a signal in the nervous system.
                                             tion could alter decision processes but            Static texture is not much of a stimu-
   People judge the emotional states         not affect perception itself. A wealth of       lus, at least not when the elements are
of others readily and rapidly from fa-       studies have pitted enhancement effects         small. Texture must be turned into vi-
cial expressions. The particular sets of     against such decisional effects, and            bration by moving the detector (e.g.
muscle movements that create expres-         Schneider and Komlos jump feet first          
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