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									                          Ask Mr. Know-a-Few-Things
                          C. Douglas Phillips, MD, FACR

                              try to keep my small but modestly loyal read-             Q5: How do you manage groins at the con-
                              ership in touch. I’m moving from the land of              clusion of an interventional case?
                              Jefferson and going north to NYC. A bit of                MR. KAFT: Oh, Mr. KAFT does not like stick-
                          a step, admittedly, but change is a good thing.               ing his fingers around the naughty bits of
                             Last time we talked, I promised you that Mr.               strangers. The tried-and-true avoidance method
        Actually, the     Know-a-Few-Things (or Mr. KAFT) would                         is to be paged right when it’s time to compress,
                          answer your questions, and he’s ready.                        so you can leave it in the hands of a resident
     best way to get      Q1: Why have reimbursements for radiology                     who was a former linebacker for Penn State.
                          fallen so precipitously?                                      Q6: What advice do you have for those of us
       good data on
                          MR. KAFT: Doesn’t anyone have a few soft-                     fighting turf battles for medical imaging now?
       requests is to     balls to start with? No important memo is time-               MR. KAFT: Have no fear. As soon as the
                          stamped 8:01 AM! I have to start sloooowly.                   reimbursements reach the levels we will see in
         kick out the     Q2: What possessed someone to flavor bar-                     the next year or so, we will finally get relief
                          ium with strawberry? Why not chocolate?                       from the turf wars. Admittedly, it will look a bit
     power cord for       MR. KAFT: I have pondered this very question                  crazy to be the sole clinical service to interpret
                          and I’ve come up a throwback. What possessed                  a highly complex medical study fraught with
  the computerized
                          someone to scent bathroom deodorizers with                    potential medicolegal hazards, which require
       entry system,      lemon? That same person did the strawberry.                   our services 24/7, for less than what our
                          Q3: How can we be sure to get appropriate                     plumber charges to clear a clogged toilet, but
    so someone has        clinical information on requests from the ED?                 hey, Mr. KAFT can’t make everything right.
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