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									                                                   Standout Wheelstands
                                                   Though wheelstands are not as common today,
                                                   many drivers over the years have seen more sky than
                                                   racetrack when their cars’ front ends hiked up,
                                                   including the 16 highlight-reel-worthy ones featured here
by Candida Benson
requested by Joe Seeslak
Coulwood, N.C.

     here is an old adage that states, “If

T    you can’t be good, be spectacular.”
     Though every drag racer would
choose being good every time, many have
fallen into the spectacular category during
their careers. With high-horsepower
engines that can be extremely volatile and
incredibly unpredictable at times,
numerous drag racing vehicles have
tested the law of gravity, sending their
drivers on wild rides that would be talked
                                              Jimmy King’s 1970 Indy experience
about for years by anyone who witnessed
                                              ended upside down when he landed
them. Through the more than 50 years of
                                              on the lid of his dragster after a
NHRA Drag Racing, there have been
                                              starting-line wheelstand. The crew
hundreds of spectacular wheelstands,
                                              had a little fun with the unusual ride,
some of which resulted in a dreaded
                                              mounting a wheel atop the roll cage
blowover. The following are some of the
                                              before the next event.
most remembered and spectacular
wheelstands from the past. ND

                                                                                          This wheelstand during the
                                                                                          Funny Car final at the 1974
                                                                                          Englishtown event was the
                                                                                          one that prompted reader Joe
                                                                                          Seeslak to write in. After
                                                                                          leaving evenly with Al Segrini,
                                                                                          “Jungle Jim” Liberman’s car
                                                                                          began hiking the front wheels.
                                                                                          Liberman carried the front
                                                                                          wheels a fair distance (the
                                                                                          length of which has been the
                                                                                          subject of much debate over
Herb McCandless’ Dodge pulled up the front wheels in a semifinal match with Bill          the years) before safely          Danny Geisler’s qualifying attempt at the 1975 season
“Grumpy” Jenkins at the 1972 Englishtown event after McCandless’ wheelie bars broke       setting the car back down and     opener was far from what he wanted or expected when
and had to be removed. Showing great driving skills, McCandless brought his airborne      wheeling it to a 7.14. Segrini    his rear-engine Funny Car did a wheelstand, lost the
Demon down at the eighth-mile mark without even scratching the oil pan.                   won the race with a 6.83.         body, and ultimately turned over on the track.

                                                                                                                                                                    What started as an
                                                                                                                                                                    ordinary Top Fuel
                                                                                                                                                                    final with one car
                                                                                                                                                                    smoking the tires
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