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[...] I like anything with wheels that goes fast, but I really enjoyed all the years I spent racing in Super Comp the last time I had a dragster. [...] there is also a potential downside because, at some point, I'm sure we will have to race against each other, and that's never fun, unless of course it is in a final round! I am hoping to have the new Top Dragster ready for the Jegs NHRA Cajun SPORTSnationals, March 19-22, at No Problem Raceway Park in Belle Rose, La.

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									                                     On the Run                  with Mike Coughlin                                  NHRA 2009 Rule Amendments Index
                                                                                              The list below references the amendments made since December 2008 to rules
                             driver of the Jegs.com Top Dragster                              printed in the 2009 NHRA Rulebook. For the complete text of each amendment
                                                                                              and for amendments made prior to December 2008 or after this issue went to

                             H     ello, National DRAGSTER readers. A lot has
                                   happened since the last time I graced these
                              pages, so I thought I’d fill you in on a few things.
                                                                                              press, log on to NHRA.com and click on the “Rules” drop-down menu at the top
                                                                                              of the page to find the “2009 Rule Amendments” link.
                                                                                              Sec.    Page Item                            Effective   Sec.   Page Item                             Effective
                              I’m about ready to make another change in my racing             3        53   Logo Placement                   3/09      11     194   Steering, Suspension                3/09
                              plans. After several great seasons in the Top                   4B       66   Nitrous Oxide                    3/09      12     206   Designation                         3/09
                              Sportsman class, I have decided to try Top Dragster.            4C       70   Nitrous Oxide                    3/09      13     210   Air Intakes                         3/09
                              We have two new Mullis Race Cars dragsters at our               4D       76   Supercharger, Drivetrain         3/09      14     211   Carburetor                          3/09
                                                                                              4D       77   Upholstery                       3/09      14     218   Windshield/Windows                  1/09
                              shop in Delaware, Ohio, and they should be ready to             4D       78   Helmet                           3/09      14     219   Data Recorder                       1/09
                              go any day now. One is for me, and the other is for             8       106   Pistons                          3/09      14     219   Protective Clothing                 1/09
                              my older brother John. Both cars will be equipped               9A      116   Oil Pump/Pistons                 3/09      15     223   Valve Covers                        3/09
with Sonny Leonard engines, Hughes Performance transmissions and converters,                  9B      125   Floor                            3/09      15     224   Drivetrain, Steering, Suspension    3/09
                                                                                              9D      128   Engine                           1/09      15     227   Body                                3/09
and John Meany Big Stuff III fuel-injection systems. My dad, Jeg Sr., is going to             9E      133   Engine                           1/09      15     230   Shutoff                             1/09
help us with the initial setup, and, based on our preliminary calculations, I think           9F      138   Floor                            3/09      15     231   Data Recorder                       3/09
John and I will both be running in the 6.60-second range at close to 200 mph,                 10D     159   Engine                           1/09      16     235   Valve Covers                        3/09
which should make for a thrilling ride.                                                       10D     160   Supercharger                     3/09      16     236   Steering, Suspension                1/09
                                                                                              10E     167   Engine                           1/09      16     240   Wings & Supports                    3/09
   I’ve had a lot of fun racing my Jegs.com Cobalt, and the decision to change to             10G     174   Body                             1/09      16     240   Data Recorder                       3/09
a dragster wasn’t an easy one, but I’m convinced that it is the right thing for me            10G     183   Protective Clothing              1/09      19     251   Fuel                                3/09
to do. For one thing, I’ve always liked racing a dragster. Actually, I like anything          10H     185   Supercharger                     3/09      19     266   Roll Cage                           3/09
                                                                                              11      191   Fuel System                      3/09      19     283   Neck Collar/Head & Neck Restraint   1/09
with wheels that goes fast, but I really enjoyed all the years I spent racing in              11      192   Supercharger                     3/09      19     283   Protective Clothing                 1/09
Super Comp the last time I had a dragster. At the races, I think the dragster will
also be a little bit easier to operate than the Cobalt was because we don’t need
to use a tow vehicle, and the dragster requires a little bit less maintenance.
                                                                                                      Member Track Special Programs Schedule
 “I like anything with wheels that goes
                                                                                             The NHRA member tracks listed in the calendar below will be hosting a special event on
 fast, but I really enjoyed all the years                                                    the date listed. To schedule an event, track operators should call the NHRA Field
                                                                                             Marketing office, 626-914-4761. For complete schedules, log on to NHRA.com.
        I spent racing a dragster.”
    Going from the Cobalt back to a dragster, I am sure there will be a bit of an
adjustment period, but I’m hopeful that it won’t take me too long to get the hang
of it. Both cars should run 200 mph, but they are very different to drive. Inside
the Cobalt, you don’t get the sensation of speed because you’re inside the car.
When you’re in a dragster, sitting 3 inches off the ground with the wind in your
face, you start to realize just how fast 200 mph is. The race doesn’t look too                              May 2                               May 9                             March 21
different than it did when I was running Super Comp, but the finish line comes                   Albuquerque Dragway                   No Problem Raceway Park              Bradenton Motorsports
up much more quickly.                                                                              Albuquerque, N.M.                        Belle Rose, La.                         Park
                                                                                                                                                                                Bradenton, Fla.
    I’m also looking forward to racing with John this year. The last time we raced               Wichita Raceway Park                         May 16
together in the same class was back in 2001 when we were both racing Pro Stock                    Wichita Falls, Texas                  Cordova Dragway Park                      March 27
Trucks. On the plus side, we’ll be able to share some data because our combinations                                                          Cordova, Ill.                     Sunshine Dragstrip
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