What's NEW 2009: Final Installment by ProQuest


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									                                                                        Top Alcohol Dragster
                                                                     Daniel Mercier has added Al Moeser
                                                                     to his DM Racing team. Mercier
                                                                     will compete in Division 1 with
                                                                     help from his sponsors,
                                                                     Adfdiesel.com and
                                                                     Laboratoireabs.com. Moeser will
                                                                     drive the second A/Fuel Dragster
                                                                     at limited Division 2 events under
                                                                     the same sponsorship while
                                                                     continuing to look for a major

      Final Installment
                                                                                                                       Division 7 racer Art Trautman, of
     Comp                                                                                                              Waddell, Ariz., is adding an A/Fuel
                                                                                                                       Dragster to his ArtAttack Racing
                                          Bob Marshall, of                                                             team, which also campaigns Super
                                          Langley, B.C., will                                                          Comp and Top Dragster cars. The new
                                          compete in B/AA with                                                         dragster is a Brad Hadman chassis
                                          a new Jerry Haas-built                                                       powered by a 426-cid Ken Black Hemi
                                          ’09 Pontiac GXP in                                                           engine with BAE heads, Hogan
                                          Division 6 and at select                                                     manifold, AFT clutch, Chrisman rear
 Division 7 events. The car is sponsored by TCS Transmission         end, and Hoosier tires. Steve “Okie” Bernd will be the crew chief and tune the car.
 Products and crewed on by Bruce Wilson and has a Williams
 Graphics design that was painted on by Jim Hooker.                  The Nitro Fever racing team will compete
                                                                     at Division 3 and 5 races and national
 Behind the                                                          events this season. Co-owner Ben
 wheel of his                                                        Ameling built the car, and co-owner
 Jerry Haas-                                                         Dave Hill will be responsible for the
 built ’08 GT500                                                     driving duties. The team receives
 Mustang, Brad                                                       support from Greenmachinesales.com,
 Waddle, of                                                          Payneforks.com, Bulldogracking.com,
 Salinas, Kan.,                                                      Vehicle Specialties Inc., and Kaley
 is ready for the                                                    Motor Service Inc.
 season. A Jon Kaase 707-cid Ford hemi and Liberty five-speed
 transmission power the Innovators West-sponsored ride.
                                                                       Top Alcohol Funny Car
                                                                     Jeff Kritenbrink, of Sequim, Wash., has completed his
                                                                     new FansFunnyCar.com entry with the help of crew
                                                                     chief Ronnie Alzheimer and marketing director Earl
                                                                     Snyder. The powerplant for the new ride is a 500-cid
                                                                     Hemi engine that features an Enderle injector and
                                                                     14-71 Littlefield blower. Jeremiah’s BBQ, Dog House
                                                                     Powder Coating, Novus Auto Glass, Allform Welding,
 Tamaqua, Pa.-based racer Calvin Hill will campaign his Jerry        Chambers Creek Collision, In Graphic Detail, Maxim
 Bickel-built ’09 GXP in Division 1. The car is powered by a Bob     Powersports, Eagle Signs, Access IET, Randy’s Auto Sales, and Simpson’s Used Parts &
 Kaiser engine and sports a design created by Tanya Presberry at     Towing will support the team throughout the season at Division 6 events.
 TP Graphics. Crew chief John Riley will help Hill at all
 divisional races and select national events.

                                            Herzog Racing              Stock
                                            Engines’ Doug Herzog
                                                                                                                             With the help
                                            will compete in his
                                                                                                After 20 years, John         of team
                                            40th year with his
                                                                                                Adams, of Flint, Mich., is   manager
                                            newly constructed
                                                                                                ready for competition        Kathy Bailey,
                                            Comp Camaro, the
                                                                                                with his ’69 Rambler.        John W. H. Bailey, of Wilmington, Del., will
                                            GroundShaker VI, in
                                                                                                Adams received help          be racing in Division 1 with a totally new
 honor of Fred Gibb Chevrolet in La Harpe, Ill. Herzog built the
                                                                     from engine builder Dennis Bucannon and chassis         drivetrain in his ’91 Firebird. Andrea
 Camaro with help from Steve Comstock. The car will feature
                                                                     builder Dennis Ware of Ware’s Chassis &                 Selvaggio of Delaware Homes Real
 parts from Straight Line Engineering, Ness, Ha
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