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Belt Maintenance: Successful Conveying for Maximum Efficiency


Proper installation begins with precision belt cutting. Portable, lightweight belt cutters make it easier to achieve straighter, squarer cuts and to do so more uniformly and safely. With belt ends properly squared, the problems associated with mistracking, including premature belt wear, splice wear, and fastener pullouts, are less likely to occur. Today's belt cutters are sized for a range of belt thicknesses and widths.

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									                                                                                                      PRODUCT PROFILE STORY

Maintenance/Shop Equipment & IT/Computer
Belt Maintenance:
Successful Conveying for
Maximum Efficiency                                                                                                      By Beth Miller, Flexco

           irport conveyor belts are a fundamental compo-            MECHANICAL FASTENERS VS. VULCANIZATION

A          nent that must operate efficiently and reliably to
           deliver customer satisfaction and transport lug-
                                                                          Mechanical fasteners offer distinct advantages when
                                                                     it comes to fast, reliable repairs. They are easy to install
gage throughout the airport.                                         and require only basic mechanical skills for maintenance
     Conveyor belt breakdowns can be damaging to cus-                personnel. Unlike vulcanized splices, the wear on the
tomer confidence, as well as to the reputations of airports          splice is visually apparent, allowing maintenance crews to
and airlines alike. Plus, repair times can be lengthy and            complete a repair during scheduled downtime. Because
costly. Proper selection and preventive maintenance prac-            the splices are hinged or separable, they can be installed
tices form the best combination for productive, effective,           or replaced quickly and economically without having to
and economical baggage handling operations. This involves            disassemble the conveyor system or remove the belt from
a careful analysis of belt splicing methods, proper selection        the conveyor structure.
of fasteners, and the use of several
portable installation tools.

     Proper belt splicing is often the
most critical aspect of conveyor sys-
tem maintenance. The conveyor belt
is one of the few components that
receive regular, heavy wear.
     There are two basic methods —
vulcanization and mechanical fasten-
ers — to connect conveyor belt ends
together. Vulcanization is the process
of fabricating two belt ends together,
                                                                                                                                             Tractors. Loaders. Stairs. And more.

using heat or chemical activation, to
make the belt a continuous, endless             Designed from the outset to cope with
length. Mec
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