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									                       Director’s Viewpoint

                                               Aviation Industry Expo
                                                     his month the Aviation                                        Cygnus recognized that AS3 was
                                                     Industry Expo (AIE) will                                      complementary to several of its
                                                     host technicians from                                         publications and approached the
                                             around the country in Las Vegas.                                      group with an offer to manage
                                             Hopefully we will see many of you                                     the meeting and put it under its
                                             there despite these difficult eco-                                    professional show team.
                                             nomic times.                                                              AIE is a growing, strong, well-
                                                This event has a unique history.                                   received, and financed show. It
                                             Here is a brief account.                                              is the foremost trade show for
                                                First there were the annual              Nick Sergi,               aircraft technicians meeting the
                                             PAMA meetings that were primarily Director of Content                 needs of general, business, and
                                             regional in nature, sponsored in most                               military aviation plus those main-
                                             part by local chapters, such as Houston’s               tenance personnel working for the air car-
                                             meetings in the mid ’80s. NATA had its own              riers. Currently it draws up to 6,000 partici-
                                             successful convention, holding it annu-                 pants from all over the world, proffers 400
                                             ally in various parts of the country such as            different exhibits, presents a multitude of
                                             Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Kansas City, MO.                seminars to aviation maintenance and man-
                                             In the late ‘80s PAMA national was able to              agement personnel, and enables technicians
                                             convince the chapters that there was a need             to renew their IAs. It includes a maintenance
                                             for a national convention. I believe the first          skills competition, a career center for those
                                             was held in either St. Louis or Philadelphia.           looking for workers and/or employment, a
                                             The PAMA national was slow to grow until                demonstration area for exhibitors to demo
                                             a dedicated group of volunteers took the                their products to potential buyers, and a
                                             meeting to new heights in attendance and                “green pavilion” where a showcase of green
                                             revenue in the mid ‘90s, contributing in                products and services will be displayed to
                                             excess of $400,000 to the treasury with just            help attendees make environmentally smart
                                             two shows.                                              decisions in this growing area of greater reg-
                                                It was then that NATA approached PAMA                ulation. It also offers the opportunity to rub
                                             about combining their shows and AS3 was                 shoulders with fellow technicians in a social
                                             formed. Each agreed a merger of the respec-             setting. That’s a lot for just a couple of day
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