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give yourself a lift


Continue, rolling the ball to the opposite hand with every rep. Trainer's tip Don't let your belly sag; doing so decreases the workload on your chest. kneeling cable press Works chest and core * Load 10 to 12 pounds on each side of a dualcable pulley, put the handles at their lowest setting, and place a half foam roller 3 feet in front of the machine. * Stand facing away from the cables and hold a handle in each hand at chest height, elbows pointing back, palms facing floor. Hold the upper handles in each hand out to your sides at shoulder height, elbows straight but not locked and palms facing the floor [A]. * Lunge slightly to the left with left foot, pivoting on right foot, as you draw hands together in front of you at waist level [B]. * Return to starting position and repeat.

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