English National Ballet Manon by ProQuest


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									     English National Ballet Manon                      The original designs were in period, and        dancers were strong technically and able to do
                                                     elegantly stylish; but these are ill conceived     justice to the choreography. In the last act
     his is one of the finest of Kenneth             and for the second act, with different shades of   when Manon has been transported to the
T    MacMillan’s ballets and a rare example of
everything coming together in perfect harm-
                                                     pastel tulle for the girls, more appropriate for
                                                     a pantomime.
                                                                                                        swamps of Louisiana, the final pas de deux is
                                                                                                        incredibly demanding. One of the holds went
ony. The arrangement of Massenet’s music                Elena Glurdjidze was an outstanding Manon.      wrong and Glurdjidze somehow flipped over
and - in the original version - the designs by       In the first act she had a delightful innocence    the head of Vargas and on to the floor: they
Nicholas Georgiadis quickly made this a              with an innate sexuality and an awa
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