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									  Dominic Piers Smith with the LPO
                                                   DVD Review
     he story of Dominic Piers Smith is surely
T    one of the most astonishing of any pianist
in recent years. Here is a very gifted young
man, winner of the Yamaha Prize in 2007,           IMMORTAL BELOVED:                                                        depression and thoughts of
whose first CD release, a double-album of          Beethoven                                                                suicide, something made very
music by Chopin and Liszt, has just been           Gary Oldman, Jeroen Krabbe,                                              evident in a letter Beethoven
made available. So far, so good – the more so      Isabella Rossellini, Valerie                                             wrote to his two brothers in
as his prize included a performance of             Golino, Miriam Margolyes,                                                1802 while in the town of
Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto with           Barry Humphries.                                                         Heiligenstadt. A morose,
the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the        ICON10158 120”                                                           despairing document, it was
outstanding young Norwegian conductor              £12.99 RRP on DVD and                                                    found after Beethoven’s death
Einvind Gullberg Jensen at the Royal Festival      £24.99 RRP on Blu-ray Disc                                               and became known as the
Hall on 14 February.                                                                                                        Heiligenstadt Testament.
     But – in addition to a burgeoning concert            riginally released by Col-                                            “ was impossible for me
and recital career – Dominic Piers Smith has a
twin full-time career in racing-car aerodynam-
                                                   O      umbia TriStar in 1994 this wonderful
                                                   film has now been released on DVD and Blu-
                                                                                                         to say to people, speak louder, shout, for I am
                                                                                                         deaf. Ah, how could I possibly admit an
ics, his first design winning the prestigious      ray for UK audiences to enjoy. Did I say enjoy?       infirmity in the one sense which ought to be more
Indianapolis 500 at the hands of Juan Pablo        I mean love! This simple tale is based on a           perfect in me than others, a sense which I once
Montoya. Dominic is also Team Leader of an         letter that Beethoven wrote to a mysterious           possessed in the highest perfection, a perfection
aerodynamics development group for the             lover. The true identity of this lover is lost to     such as few in my profession enjoy or ever have
Honda Racing Formula 1 Team. There cannot          history forever, but the fun of this film is in the   enjoyed.”
be that many pianists who have played a            investigation of who she may have been.                   Schindler’s work takes us to meet possible
Rachmaninov Concerto with a major inter-               The film begins with the opening of               recipients of the love letter, one of whom is the
national symphony orchestra at London’s            Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony’s first movement           be
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