; Beethoven: The Complete Piano Concertos Nos 1-5 'Emperor'
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Beethoven: The Complete Piano Concertos Nos 1-5 'Emperor'


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Beethhoven • Newman • Saxton • Piazzolla • Bach • Bergonzi • Brahms

                                    contributions weightier so            pianist sets things in motion the
                                    Fischer is sometimes almost as        orchestra otherwise sounds;
                                    important as Goode. Apart from        again, almost as if this were a
                                    the increasingly adventurous use      symphony and here it is the
                                    of piano and orchestra, this          soloist’s re-entry that sounds
                                    music is ever more alive with         nearly improvised.
                                    enterprising harmonic ventures            It is more than time to say
                                    both within each movement and         that recorded sound and
                                    between the movements.                orchestral balance are excellent
                                        In the first two concertos the    throughout and in the final
                                    opening tuttis are not really         Emperor Fischer gets much
Beethoven: The Complete             symphonic and it is rather, as        dramatic impact in the opening       Northern Lights
Piano Concertos Nos 1–5             Tovey said, as if the orchestra       tutti and later. This concerto’s     Music for String Quartet by
‘Emperor’                           were improvising. Matters change      warlike rhythms, orchestral          Robert Saxton, John Casken:
Richard Goode, piano -              in Concerto No.3, the culminat-       pomp and keyboard heroics give       String Quartet No 2 and Judith
Budapest Festival Orchestra         ion of Beethoven’s first style, and   it a ringing triumph which is        Weir: String Quartet
conducted by Ivan Fischer           we are aware of a broadening of       different from the earlier works     Kreutzer Quartet
Nonesuch 075597 9928 30             the composer’s ambitions. In          yet all five are very well served    Divine Art MSV 28507 [63:02]
167’ 17”                            each case the quick movements         by a pianist who fuses sensitivity
                                    receive very spirited perform-        with a commanding athleticism             he range of worthwhile

T   he increasing virtuosity of
    Beethoven’s writing for the
                                    ances from both Goode and
                                    Fischer. Concerto No.3 starts
                                                                          and a conductor who is aware
                                                                          of the music’s every nuance.
                                                                                                               T    issues on the Divine Art
                                                                                                               label continues to expand with
piano is matched in these works     almost like a symphony and the        MAX HARRISON                         this outstanding release of three
by his treatment of the orchestra   opening Allegro con brio gets an                                       
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