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[Andrei Navrozov], who now Uves in Palermo as a "gastronomic refugee," had a fastidious dislike of the MT, inherited, like much of his baggage, from his father Lev. Those of you who were as crazy as I was 20 years ago wl have fond memories of Lev, who wrote a column for the now defunct Moonie paper the New York City Tribune. His message was that the West was being undermined by the congenital stupidity of her Uberai eUtes (i.e., the New York Times) and in consequence was losing the arms race and would inevitably lose the Cold War.Andrei was much more hip to the ways of Gotham and warned me that the title I had chosen for the new paper the New York American - might be misunderstood. "I mean," he said, "Why not just call it the New York Anti-SemiteTMany years later, Conrad Black had roughly the same idea, plus some spare change, and started the short-Uved New York Sun. Much as I Uke Lord Black, I have never greatly cared for his poUtics, and the Sun was a bit shrill for my tastes. Besides - and sometimes I can scarcely believe this - I now actually Uke the New York Times. The headlines that once made me sneer - "In Swiss elections, little excitement" - now make me cheer. Any newspaper that ignores the imperatives of journalism and instead teUs the truth deserves our thanks.

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