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How to grow as a leader by ProQuest


Leadership is not about position though John Maxwell coined the phrase: "Leadership is about influence and not about position." His book, "The 360 degree leader" explores this topic in more depth. Keeping volunteers excited, engaged and motivated without pay really challenges your vision casting skills. Volunteers give their precious free time and you as a leader need to manage that by giving clear instructions in terms of roles and the expectations of execution. The biggest mistake is to volunteer for an hour of their time and only use twenty minutes. There are wonderful organisations in our country with life changing causes to better our communities, cities and country. They need you as a new generation CA(SA). They need your skills and talent to make a difference to those in need.

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									     I new generation I

        managers do you look up to? Why do
        you look up to these specific managers?
                                                                    How to                  grow
                                                                                             as a leader
        Leadership is not about the job, it is
        about people and here in the trenches                           without a position
                                                                                  of leadership
        is where you learn about yourself and
        also where you learn about people. Keep
        a journal and reflect on what you have
        learned on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid
        to ask. Ask (always seek knowledge) your
        manager or colleagues when you don’t
        understand or when you don’t know. We
        often work with managers who struggle
        to get their teams to ask. You must ask       I t is exciting to meet new generation
                                                        CAs(SA) who are so keen to grow
                                                      as leaders and make an impact in their
                                                                                                      My responsibility was to empower the 250
                                                                                                      group leaders. The 250 group leaders had
                                                                                                      to lead volunteer groups varying from three
        questions, because it will be the only
        way to learn. One of humanity’s biggest       companies and in their communities.             to fifteen people. I had regular meetings
        fears is emotional discomfort and this fear   However, they struggle to see how this will     with the group leaders as individuals, and
        prevents us from asking questions. When       happen without them being in leadership         once every quarter as a collective group.
        asking for knowledge we feel vulnerable       position. “It is always the executive and       Most of the 250 group leaders had full-time
        and this causes emotional discomfort.         senior management that are developed as         corporate jobs, but sacrificed their free time
        This is what the trenches are all about                ,
                                                      leaders” the complaint usually goes.            to be volunteer leaders. When I asked the
        though: learning, asking and growing.                                                         group leaders why they were so committed,
                                                      Leadership is not about position though.        their most popular answer was the great
     2. Drop the entitlement mentality                John Maxwell coined the phrase:                 experiences to be found in leading volunteers.
        Gretchen Neels, a Boston-based                “Leadership is about influence and
        consultant was coaching a group of young      not about position.” His book, “The             Here are some of the core leadership skills
        adults in their mid-twenties on how to        360 degree leader” explores this topic in       that you can learn in a volunteer organisation:
38      succeed in job interviews. She asked          more depth. There is a lot of truth in what
        them how they believe employers view          John Maxwell proclaims, but the reality         • How to cast a compelling vision:
        them. She gave them a clue, telling them      is that the new generation CA(SA) needs           Keeping volunteers excited, engaged and
        that the word she was looking for begins      to find a place where he or she can hone          motivated without pay really challenges
        with the letter “e. Their guesses were:
                            ”                         their leadership skills. The new generation       your vision casting skills.
        energetic, enthusiastic and excellent. The    CA(SA) will be the leader of tomorrow           • How to clarify roles and expectations:
        correct answer though was “entitled.   ”      and leadership comes through practise.            Volunteers give their precious free time
        The behaviour of an entitl
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