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									                                                                                                             I new generation I

                                                          in the Trenches

M      ovies about the military and war
       give us the idea that the decision
makers in times of combat are never on
                                                 known as a moaner and people will isolate
                                                 him, because he will become one of the
                                                 biggest energy drainers in the office.
                                                                                               This case study asks the following
                                                                                               • Why is there a difference between
the battleground. They sit somewhere in          NGCA-A has lost his vision in the trenches      NGCA-A and NGCA-B?
an office far away from the action and bark      and has given up. Two things usually happen   • Is it really that bad being in the trenches?
out the orders. These orders are then to be      to NGCA-A: they quit and go through all of    • How do I practise leadership in the
executed by those poor soldiers risking their    the above at the next company, or they get      trenches?
lives in the trenches. The trenches are on       asked to leave and go through all of the
the battlefield and that is where the bullets    above at the next company.                    As a new generation CA(SA) you will find
fly and the bombs explode! We get the idea                                                     yourself in the trenches of the corporation
that the soldiers in the trenches are victims    New Generation CA(SA) candidate B             that you work for, at the start of your
of the decisions taken by military leaders       (NGCA-B) is a 29 year old who qualified       career. This is where we all start, even
far away from the reality. The question we       as a CA(SA) at the age of 25. She had         those managers and senior managers who
must ponder though is whether there is           average results in the board exams, but       currently bark out the instructions. Most
any space or opportunity for leadership to       she passed. Her performance reviews at        military generals will tell you that they
surface in the trenches?                         her current employer have always been         have learned some of their most valuable         37
                                                 excellent and she has been identified as      leadership and life lessons in the trenches.
Let us learn from the following case study:      part of the company’s leadership excellence   Leaders in business that we work with will
The lives of New Generation CA(SA)               programme. NGCA-B has lately developed        testify to the value of experience in the
candidate A and New Generation CA(SA)            feelings of great excitement and passion.     trenches, especially when tough decisions
candidate B                                      She loves being part of her team at work.     need to be made on leadership level.
                                                 She learns so much from her manager and
New Generation CA(SA) candidate A                senior manager and enjoys being a part of     As a new generation CA(SA) you must not
(NGCA-A) is a 28 year old who qualified          the process in executing their decisions.     underestimate the value of the trenches. It is
as a CA(SA) at the age of 25. He had             She learns every day that she faces clients   a place where a lot can be learned regarding
good results in the board exams and his          and deadlines. Implementing the tactics       leadership. Therefore you need to capitalise
performance reviews at his employer have         of the management decisions teaches her       on your time in the trenches and you can do
always been satisfactory. But NGCA-A has         so much about business and how the right      that by adhering to the following:
lately developed a feeling of resentment.        decisions work out on the floor.
He feels that he has no say in the decisions                                                   1. When in the trenches learn
being made at his employer. He feels             NGCA-B often ponders how hard she                People feel that when they know how to
abused by his manager and senior manager         studied for her CA(SA) and what wonderful        do the job, they need to move on to the
because he is always having to carry out         opportunities it has created for her in          next job. But there is more than just the
their decisions. He is the one facing the        life. She is so grateful for what she has        job. When you are developing as a leader
clients, spending late hours at the office       achieved and constantly writes notes of her      you also need to learn about yourself and
preparing presentations and doing the nitty      gratitude in her journal. NGCA-B volunteers      those around you. Leaders are learners.
gritty of what was decided earlier in the day.   on a weekly basis at an educational charity      Leaders are never learned.
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