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Manufacturers ‘get no respect’for economic contributions
I AM SURE YOU have seen or heard                understanding of the contributions                                                                                                  While we need to be con-
                                                                                                              C o r n e r         O f f i c e
the late Rodney Dangerfield say his             manufacturing makes to the econo-                                                                                            cerned about the banking, con-
well-known line, “I get no respect.”            my, the respect and support this         Have a hard-hitting stance on a New Jersey business issue? If you are a             struction and home-building
Those of us working in manufactur-              sector of the economy deserves            business or policy leader with a strong opinion, we want to hear from              industries, manufacturing busi-
ing in New Jersey have been saying              would be more forthcoming.                      you. Please send op-ed proposals to editorial@njbiz.com.                     nesses in New Jersey contribute a
that for years about our industry.                   Companies that produce                                                                                                  lot to the state’s economy.
With the current economic slump                 manufactured goods create value         require raw materials or other            turing sector of our economy. To be               Our policies and actions
that is affecting the nation and our            in an economy. We will not come         component parts that are pro-             sure, the assistance that the feder-       at the state level need to pro-
state, a little respect is what we need         out of this recession just by wait-     duced in this state to make their                                                    mote manufacturing and protect
and deserve. It is critical that manu-          ing for the housing or financial        finished goods. I know that in my                                                    the value added to the state
facturing remains a part of the con-            markets to recover. We need to          manufacturing business, most of            We need to recognize                      economy. If you look at the “Eco-
versation concerning economic                   make things that have intrinsic or      the suppliers are located within the                                                 nomic Growth Strategy for the
issues. With a little                                     lasting value. Items with     state. So each time we get an order
                                                                                                                                            that a job in                    State of New Jersey 2007” put out
respect and under-                                        material value are what       from our customers, suppliers in              manufacturing is a                     by the state Office of Economic
standing, manufactur-                                     contribute to gross state     our area benefit.                                                                    Growth, manufacturing is not
ing may help both the                                     product and gross                  The economic value of a                 good job. Dare I say                    even mentioned. There are a lot of
state and the national                                    domestic product. When        manufacturing job is equally                      that it’s cool to                  good policy ideas in the docu-
economy out of the                                        businesses purchase           important. Most manufacturing                                                        ment, but there is no real mention
current recession.                                        capital goods, such as        jobs pay above-average wages and                  actually make                      of manufacturing.
      Manufacturing                                       equipment and machin-         benefits. The average wage in a                                                             We need to recognize that a
has come a long way                                       ery, that equipment           manufacturing job in New Jersey            something for a living,                   job in manufacturing is a good job.
from the turn of the                                      becomes an asset of the       at the end of 2007 was $72,684,             not just push paper?                     Dare I say that it’s cool to actually
last century, when             Clifford F. Lindholm III   corporation. A heating        well above the average paid by                                                       make something for a living, not
images of women and                                       and air-conditioning          most private-sector employers in                                                     just push paper? How about some
children working in obviously                   system, or perhaps a new piece of       the state. Benefits paid to manu-         al government is giving to automo-         marketing from our state govern-
unhealthy environments seemed to                medical equipment for a hospital        facturing employees also are              bile manufacturers is important            ment about quality products made
be the standard. Gone are huge                  or doctor’s office, add value to the    above the average of most private-        and will not be wasted.                    in New Jersey, the same way we
smokestacks and processes that                  businesses that purchase them.          sector workers. The manufactur-                A healthy domestic vehicle            market our state produce as Jersey
yield waste both in finished goods                   Manufacturers deserve a little     ing sector in New Jersey employs          manufacturing base will provide            Fresh — perhaps through a Jersey
and environmentally hazardous                   respect for the positive effect that    about 300,000 individuals. Now            far-reaching benefits nationally           Made campaign?
byproducts. Manufacturing in 2009               their businesses have on the gener-     that’s an economic impact.                and to the local economies where                  Now that would be showing a
is efficient, minimizes all types of            al economy. For each dollar of fin-          If our elected officials at the      plants are located. These are les-         little respect for manufacturing. ◆
waste and makes use of the l
Description: Broken port trucking costs public, March 2 about a study conducted by pro -union "labor" professors, where they survey 300 truck drivers about whether they need their health care covered by someone and higher wages. Carter and every president, including Bill Clinton, have a different view - the exact opposite of this study's findings. * There is congestion, which is ostensibly the transport industry's fault but not the state, local and federal governments who have systematically looted transport infrastructure dollars for diversion to the social safety net or light rail projects costing billions, but few use.
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