; Accounting Associations Need Synergies, Not Silos
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Accounting Associations Need Synergies, Not Silos


Associations have a responsibility to their respective professions. Their charge is to create communities of professionals with similar interests, to provide support through networking, education, and certification, and to serve as an expert source of knowledge. They have the responsibility of identifying and promoting best practices, delivering research, supporting higher education, and providing continuing education. More and more, not-for-profits are being run like for-profit organizations. They may not be for-profit, but they are "for-cash." They must create and deliver sustainable value to their customers. It is easy to talk about "synergies, not silos" in serving communities, but it is hard to get this done. Not-for-profit accounting associations should partner with corporations and accounting firm advisory and consulting services to give students real choices at job fairs -- and for their careers in the long run. This is not to suggest that corporations are not advertising for jobs and internships on campus.

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