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eMortgage All-Stars


This year's Mortgage Banking Technology All-Stars have one thing in common. They're the industry professionals who transformed eMortgages from an idea into a product. The 17 Technology All-Stars would argue that those companies that continue to pursue eMortgages are going to end up at the top of the hill when the market rights itself again. Together, these 17 people have contributed countless hours to the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO), creating the legal and business structures that made eMortgages possible. The 17 Technology All-Stars are: 1. Christos Bettios, senior product manager for paperless mortgage initiatives, Fannie Mae, 2. Leendert Bijnagte, business systems consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, 3. Brian Boike, first VP, Flagstar Bank, 4. Carmelo Bramante, founder and managing partner, CDB Consultancy LLC, 5. Chris Christensen, attorney, PeirsonPatterson LLP, 6. Jennifer Donaghy, principal, eMortgage Consulting Group, 7. Andrew Dubinsky, president and CEO, Encomia LLC, 8. Charles E. Epperson, director of eMortgage product management, Stewart Lender Services, 9. Harry Gardner, former VP, MISMO Inc, and 10. Robert King, VP, Lender Processing Services Inc.

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