Customer Service 2.0 by ProQuest


Technology has been one of the prime movers in transforming the mortgage banking industry. It has altered the process of originating and servicing loans, and it has enabled consumers to become more involved and empowered during the process. Unfortunately, technology has also facilitated other types of behavior that has led them, as an industry, down the wrong path. On the servicing side, there are vast changes where technology has really driven down the cost of servicing loans and provided a greater degree of benefit over the years. While technology has made the industry more efficient and yielded significant cost savings and higher production, the bad news is that it has completely changed how many customers are treated. In the rush to grab ever-expanding market share over the last five years, the concept of excellent customer service was often lost. Therefore, the industry must focus on training loan officers to work as consumer advocates so that they enhance borrowers' experience and win them as customers for life.

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