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Focus on level
Level indicators determine the position of a liquid surface within a vessel, such as a tank, in order to control inventory or regulate
a process. Continuous level monitoring refers to a method in which the device measures level on a constant basis, displaying or
transmitting the actual liquid level as it changes. Point-level measurement measures the liquid at specific points.

Conductive level                              Lightning protection for transducers
switches                                      The manufacturer of KPSI Level
                                              and Pressure Transducers now
The NE conductive level switch can be
                                              offers lightning protection for its
used to monitor the level of weakly to
                                              Series 300 small bore submersible
strongly conductive liquids. The device
                                              level transducers for increased re-
works through measurement of the
                                              liability. The Series 300 features
electrical resistance between a sensing
                                              protection against fast rising volt-
electrode and a reference electrode.
                                              age transients with the use of two
This design incorporates no moving
                                              surge protection components,
parts and makes this device especially
                                              one located in the 0.75 inch OD
suitable for difficult applications, such
                                              316 housing of the transducer
as monitoring the level of low density
                                              and one located at the surface, grounded via DIN-rail or ground wire.
liquids, high viscosity liquids, or liquids
                                                 The Series 300 is designed for small-bore applications to meet the rigorous envi-
containing large quantities of suspend-
                                              ronments encountered in a variety of water level measurements. With an option of
ed particulates.
                                              welded 316 SS or titanium construction, this transducer family features a rugged,
   The basic NE comes with either one or
                                              waterproof design and is ideal for ground water and surface water monitoring, down
two electrodes, depending on whether
                                              hole, dewatering, level control, and shipboard-use applications. Featuring a highly
the user has selected to use the container
                                              accurate pressure sensor assembly and optional chemical-resistant ETFE cable jacket,
walls (for conductive containers only) as
                                              the Series 300 can stand up to the harshest environments that contain hostile fluids
the reference electrode or has opted to
                                              and gases.
obtain a second immersed electrode to
                                                 This transducer series offers custom level ranges up to 700 ft (210 m) H2O and an
serve as a reference. in this configura-
                                              accuracy of up to r0.05% FS. The Series 300 also features an analog output of 4-20
tion, the user may monitor a single level
                                              mA, 0-5 VDC or mV. Each transducer includes the latest Pressure Systems’ SuperDry
setpoint. Up to six conductive electrodes
                                              Long Life Vent Filter that prevents moisture from entering the vent tube for at least one
may be mounted on each NE, making a
                                              year without maintenance. An optional aneroid bellows instead of a vent filter can be
total of six setpoints possible.
                                              supplied with the Series 300 for applications where periodic maintenance is not practi-
   A complete NE level switch system
                                              cal and extremely high accuracy is not required.
consists of a reference electrode, a
                                              Pressure Systems
sensing (control) electrode, and a relay/
power supply. The NE level switch is

                                              Ultrasonic level sensor
available in a wide variety of materials.
Through selection of the proper elec-
trode, concentrated hydrochloric, sulfu-      The UCL-510 offers an innovative, non-contact ultrasonic level sensor with no moving
ric, hydrofluoric, or nitric acids present     parts built for challenging fluid measurement. This accurate and reliable sensor is built
no difficulty. Even with impure media,         for general purpose, small tank applications 49.2” (1.25m) or less and offers switch,
or in cases where mist forms, faultless       controller and transmitter capabilities in one multi-function transmitter. The UCL-510 is
function is assured if completely coated      suited for corrosive and dirty applications and is virtually maintenance free and reduces
electrodes are installed.                     tank system hardware.
   NE level switch is powered by the NE-        The UCL-510 combines 4 relays, 4-20mA output and pump/valve control in one small
104/304 relay/power supply. These dev
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