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Embracing monsters

   n his book, The Survivor’s Club, Ben         degree is becoming more and more im-            or background for another to varying de-
   Sherwood said one of the keys to sur-        portant,” she said.                             grees. Think outside the box, and do some
   vival is to hug the monster because             In the event you do lose your job, “con-     serious research on what is out there.”
embracing your biggest fear is the best         tact everyone you know. Get the word out
way to conquer it. While you might feel         that you are looking for a new position.”       Wait or act?
impending layoffs and unemployment              Rebuild your resume, and use technol-           The best thing to do in this economic cri-
symbolize the looming monster hiding            ogy sources such as Linked In, Facebook,        sis is to “wait it out,” Heckel said. “Forget
around the next corner, there are ways          or Craig’s List, as well as blogs, to get the   going back to school, and don’t change
you can face it and be prepared to meet         word out, Irwin said.                           lanes altogether or generate a new career.
the challenges of the unknown.                     Or you can try using your engineer-          I think with this whole turmoil, especially
  Preparation is key in the face of an eco-     ing skills in nontraditional ways, Heckel       with the Big Three auto deal, a lot of high-
nomic crisis, not only with finances (such       said. “For instance, get into politics. Get     school students are saying, ‘I don’t know
as paying off credit cards), but with your      into the banking industry where deci-           whether I want to get into engineering.’
career as well. In fact, “the people who        sions have to be made on basic tech-            So we’re waiting for data on next year’s
are most successful after they are laid         nical grounds,” he said. “These non-            freshmen class, which won’t be out for
off are the ones doing the right things         technology areas can use technology             another year and a half. If that’s the case,
                                                people. Go into consulting. Since we            we’ll have a downturn in degrees in five
“The people who are most                        have a great Internet system, you could         to six years or so,” he said. “Then there
                                                start a career as a consultant via the In-      will be a clamoring, and employers will
successful after they are laid                  ternet,” he said.                               want to know why engineering schools
off are the ones doing the                                                                      aren’t putting out more graduates when
                                                Research, network, retrain                      things turn around.”
right things beforehand,”                       Most career fields have some sort of pro-           But Pflantz thinks waiting it out is the
                   –Heckel                      fessional organization or society, which        worst thing to do. “Waiting is not proac-
                                                usually exists to promote professional ad-      tive, and that mentality may be part of
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