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									A crude vision
                         Vision-based Ethernet system gives real-time
                         sight in oil, gas applications
                         By Thomas M. Canty

                                                   FAST FORWARD
                                                   L   Ethernet technology brings vision analysis
                                                       in real time for users.
                                                   L   Vision system gives clearer turbidity reading
                                                       for processing water.
                                                   L   Improved engineer sight means better
                                                       decision-making skills.

                                                                                           SPECIAL SECTION: NETWORKING/ETHERNET

            ision analysis can provide a dimen-       These windows must Inline particle size system
            sion into process and product control     also be adjustable to
            that has not been previously avail-       allow proper control of
            able. The technology affords the pro-     the measurement zone
cess engineer a view into the live process and        for accurate results.
enables direct calibration of the control param-      The best option is the
eters based on what is actually occurring and         fused, glass-to-metal
not indirectly based on previous data. With cur-      seal that meets the
rent Ethernet technology, the information can         criteria and allows the
be broadcast to key decision-makers as process        formation of an adjust-
events occur, enabling a concentration of exper-      able viewing cell inside the process that can with-
tise to more quickly realize new discoveries and      stand thermal and physical shock, as well as sever-
resolve process aberrations as they occur.            al thousand pounds of pressure. A typical system
   Vision systems are now developed to the            will be comprised of an inline body with camera,
point where they can provide analysis and con-        light, and light pipe attached. The high polish of
trol in the oil and gas industry where other in-      the glass surface helps to maintain the windows
strument types cannot. Improvement in design          free of process buildup.
of hardware and software, and advancements               Illumination is critical to the success of vision-
in Ethernet communication technology have             based technology, and a consistent, high intensity
allowed vision-based systems to see into pro-         source is the building block that allows software
cess environments, such as crude oil, to detect       to define particles consistently and accurately.
and analyze particle constituents. Vision can         Another important feature of a complete system
also effectively handle applications involving        is the ability to control the measurement zone
the monitoring and control or produced water          where the particles are illuminated
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