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					MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL SOFTWARE/WEBSITES                                                                 PRODUCTS         @   SCHOOLS

quired to place labels on a diagram of          Ease of Use: Access requires a user-      The online visual presentations and
a eukaryotic chromosome preparing for           name and password. Students can          lessons are interesting as well as in-
division. Each attempt at labeling is as-       use any computer with internet ac-       formative. They are sure to appeal to
sessed; students know immediately               cess at school or home. No data is       today’s tech-savvy youth with their
when their work is correct. When a la-          stored on individual computers. Ease     diverse learning styles and abilities.
bel is incorrect, students are permitted        of Use Rating:A
additional chances to correct the label.                                                 Reviewer: Sally Finley, Educational
                                                Product Support: Support can be ob-      Consultant, Coral Springs, Fla.;
The Student Center offers online ac-            tained by a toll-free phone call to
cess to the Biology course. From here,          (800) 848-9500, through email to
students can view and complete as-    , by fax at (877)
signments, master vocabulary and                260-2530, or by contacting an area
concepts with games and activities,             representative listed on the website.    World Book Student
prepare for testing with study guides,          Product Support Rating:A
watch videos, and complete online                                                        Company: World Book, Inc., 223 N.
tests that include remediation.                 Recommendation: pro-         Michigan Ave., Suite 2000, Chicago,
                                                vides high school students with di-      IL 60601. Phone: (800) 975-3250; in-
A Message Board enables teachers to             rect experience in using technology      ternet:
communicate with students. The To               to reinforce book concepts.
Do List feature provides the teacher                                                     Price: World Book Student is includ-
with a way to communicate about                 I liked the format for each chapter,     ed with World Book Web, School and
student assignments.                            beginning with the video that intro-     Library Edition or Complete Refer-
                                                duces a science mystery. The online      ence Suite. Pricing is based on the se-
Two workbooks are available for stu-            program explores that mystery while      lected materials and number of users.
dents who need additional support               elaborating on its real-world connec-
                                                tions. The science videos featuring      Audience: Grades 5–9
in reading skills or study skills.
                                                young “ecogeeks” are sure to appeal
The teacher component of the pro-               to high school students.                                   REPORT CARD
gram can generate class reports of                                                        Installation                             A
student progress and analyze the                The program’s engaging resources
questions that are causing difficul-            provide tools for the busy teacher
                                                                                          Content/Features                         A
ties. The Teacher Center provides in-           to use to assess student progress         Ease of Use                              A
structors with access to lesson plan-           online, reinforce concepts, present       Product Support                          A
ning features and the Teacher                   fun science games, and work with
Edition of the text. From here, teach-          interactive study guides and easi-
ers can edit work sheets and tests,             ly edited work sheets. The vocabu-       Format: Online multimedia encyclo-
assign homework, and assess and re-             lary activities are presented in a       pedia and research database with
mediate using the assessment tools.             game format that will interest           teacher tools.
Content/Features Rating:A                       young adults.
                                                                                         Minimum System Requirements: A
                                                                                         computer with a modem and high
                                                                                         speed internet access.

                                                                                         Description: World Book Student is
                                                                                         the new name for the redesigned and
                                                                                         upgraded version of the World Book
Description: The site offers all of the articles from the print version of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, a dictionary, an atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, links to thousands of editor-selected websites, interactive features, and new and enhanced research capabilities. The new features in World Book Student include research tools such as a timeline builder and individual student research accounts, a Biography Center, hundreds of videos, and thousands of pictures and illustrations. The located content may include encyclopedia articles, maps, tables, dictionary entries, audio files, pictures, images, videos, Back in Time material (historical articles), special reports, website links, research guides, and timelines.
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