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The companion Untamed Science video series explores each mystery by elaborating on the real- world connections related to the concepts introduced in the mystery The Untamed Science videos, described as "science reality TV" by a program creator, feature a team of "ecogeeks" who work to create real experiences designed to add relevance to curriculum topics. From here, students can view and complete assignments, master vocabulary and concepts with games and activities, prepare for testing with study guides, watch videos, and complete online tests that include remediation. The program's engaging resources provide tools for the busy teacher to use to assess student progress online, reinforce concepts, present fun science games, and work with interactive study guides and easily edited work sheets.

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Miller & Levine Biology/                                                                     review, students can access activities
                                                          REPORT CARD                        related to vocabulary in formats in-                                                                                  cluding crossword puzzles, flash
                                            Installation                         A
Company: Pearson Education, 1                                                                cards, or matching games.
                                            Content/Features                     A
Lake St., Upper Saddle River, NJ
07458. Phone: (888) 977-7900; inter-        Ease of Use                          A           An introductory video invites stu-
net:                     Product Support                      A           dents to become science detectives by
                                                                                             searching for clues to solve a mystery.
Price: $299.97— teacher                                                           The companion Untamed Science
access pack. Additional pricing infor-                                                       video series explores each mystery by
                                          Content/Features: pro-                 elaborating on the real-world connec-
mation is available from Pearson.
                                          vides a complete online program sup-               tions related to the concepts intro-
Audience: Grades 9–10.                    ported by digital content that covers              duced in the mystery. The Untamed
                                          the general high school biology cur-               Science videos, described as “science
Format: Internet-based curriculum:        riculum. The units of study cover top-             reality TV” by a program creator, fea-
text, graphics, audio, and video.         ics such as the Nature of Life, Ecolo-             ture a team of “ecogeeks” who work
                                          gy, Cells, Genetics, Evolution, From               to create real experiences designed to
Minimum System Requirements: A            Microorganisms to Plants, Animals,                 add relevance to curriculum topics. A
computer with internet access.            and The Human Body.                                video about the ecogeek adventures
                                                                                             appears online at
Description: offers a         A Lesson Overview explains the key                 watch?v=sm2EmCYBHvk.
complete online student and teacher       concepts, a Lesson Notes feature pro-
edition of Pearson’s M
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