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									THE PIPELINE                                                                  by Stephen Abram
                                                                           Vice President of Innovation
                                                                                      SirsiDynix Corp.

             Preparing for the New Media Literacies

                          WELL, the times they are a-             bune, among others, move into
                          changin’ again. We are seeing a sea     bankruptcy protection. We’ve seen
                          change in how people around the         The New York Times go through se-
                          world receive their news. We’ve         vere financial pain, offering to
     When we think        seen this before. While no one liv-     mortgage or to sell its new Man-
                          ing today recalls a world without       hattan headquarters. The Christ-
                          newspapers, there are people alive      ian Science Monitor is discontinu-
  about our learners’     who recall a time before radio news     ing its paper edition this year. The
                          and television newscasts. There are     January 2009 issue of PC Magazine
and our communities’      people alive today who remember         will be its last in print, going online
                          when there were many newspapers         only in 2009. Mass layoffs continue
                          in town and not just the one local      in the book, news, magazine, and
ability to receive and    paper that is the norm today. Most      other media industries as advertis-
                          of us recall a world without nation-    ing markets soften. Even National
                          al cable news, CNN, and USA TO-         Public Radio has been affected.
     filter news on a     DAY. We can’t neglect to remember          In addition, hand-held devices
                          the role of news magazines in the       such as the Kindle and iRex are
   local, national, and   past as well, such as TIME and          turning into wireless news subscrip-
                          Newsweek. Each of these evolu-          tion tools. One report (www.editor
                          tionary moments in the world of
  international scale,    news caused us to adapt and adopt       cle_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=100
                          multiple ways of getting our daily      3918781) put out by financial ratings
                          local, national, and international      firm Fitch predicted that by 2010,
    are we preparing      news fix. I’ll admit here that I am     some cities will not have daily print
                          a complete news junkie; I read 2–5      newspapers. “Fitch believes more
 them with the skills     papers a day while listening to         newspapers and newspaper groups
                          CNN and other TV news channels.         will default, be shut down and be liq-
                          I also, of course, receive enough       uidated in 2009 and several cities
           they need?     newsfeeds in my RSS reader and          could go without a daily print local
                          email to choke a horse, or a modem.     newspaper by 2010.” As for broad-
                             In r
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