The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword by ProQuest


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      The Tweet Is Mightier than the Sword
                So speak softly and carry just 140 characters

                           A N YO U imagine Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s             they feel a stronger connection with companies that do.
                              reaction to Twitter? Credited with the phrase       Twitter’s rise has been dramatic, and many companies
                              “the pen is mightier than the sword” in 1839,    use it to communicate with customers and prospects.
                              he might have chosen a different metaphor if     But none worked as well (or tasted as good) as an unex-
                he’d lived long enough to see what you could do in Twitter’s   pected tweet I received from Popeyes Chicken.
                microblogging microverse with 140 charac-                                         I was twittering with CRMA president
                ters. And who those characters can                                                     Michael Thomas and the subject of
                reach. And how far they can travel.                                                         biscuits came up. We riffed on
                    This isn’t Ed’s world. In fact,                                                            the theme for a time, ending
                it’s not even the one we had                                                                     with Michael proclaiming
                just a few years ago. And if                                                                      his love for them.
                your CRM strategy was                                                                                Then, out of the blue, I
                developed before Twitter,                                                                         got a tweet from someone
                Facebook, and YouTube                                                                            going by the handle @Pop-
                came to town, it’s time to up-                                                                 eyesChicken, testifying to Mi-
                grade: We’re living in the age of                                                           chael being a “biscuit fanatic”…
                social CRM.                                                                            and that he could really wolf them
                    Social CRM is not a substitute for tradi-                                  down. (The “@” sign denotes a twitterer’s
                tional CRM. Instead, what emerges is a new, outward-           handle. Unless you specifically choose to make a partic-
                facing dimension that extends the operational areas of         ular message private, it’s completely open for anyone to
                CRM. That new dimension is inevitably more successful if       read—and there are Web- and desktop-based applica-
                you’re building off a strong foundation in traditional CRM.    tions that enable the tracking of a given word or phrase.)
                    Social CRM is about joining conversations between             I wasn’t expecting @PopeyesChicken’s tweet—I’d thought
                customers and prospects while resisting the urge to con-       I was in a 
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