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					                                                                                               ized solution including desktop control.
                                                                                                  When it came to implementation,
                                                                                               DuBeau says that Axeda was welcomed
                                                                                               with open arms by radiology depart-
                                                                                               ments quick to realize the value in remote
                                                                                               service. That said, it took some convinc-
                                                                                               ing to get hospital technology depart-
                                                                                               ments to sign on.“To them, it looked like
                                                                                               a threat to the [local area network],” he
                                                                                               says. “It took time to make them under-
                                                                                               stand the security model associated with
                                                                                               this, but the resistance melted away.”
                                                                                                  According to Brian Anderson, Axeda’s
                                                                                               vice president, being able to proactively
                                                                                               monitor equipment that could be thou-
                                                                                               sands of miles away offers a fantastic value
                                                                                               proposition, especially during a recession.
                                                                                               “It may be a down economy, but we’re still
                                                                                               selling software…because we really help

A Battle Fought from Afar                                                                      in cost savings,” he says.“If you don’t have
                                                                                               to send someone in a truck—or even
With Axeda’s help, Varian Medical Systems remotely tends to its                                worse, an airplane—to go fix something,
                                                                                               there’s a tremendous savings there.”
cancer-fighting radiology equipment
                                                                                                  The cost and time savings are magni-

          cheduling may seem mundane,           distant locations, remote service has al-      fied in Varian’s case, according to Du-
          but not for people trying to          ways been important. DuBeau says the           Beau. He says his company has reduced
          tackle a cancer diagnosis. In fact,   company previously used Symantec’s             the mean time-to-repair by 50 percent
          as they rely on strict regimens of    pcAnywhere, but the setup soon began           since turning to Axeda. Consequently,
treatments to improve their health and          falling short of Varian’s own strict time      with 700 calls resolved remotely per
hopefully eradicate the disease from their      demands. “Since the servers were set up        month and four hours’ travel time saved
bodies, scheduling is critical. The treat-      with remote-access s
Description: Scheduling may seem mundane, but not for people trying to tackle a cancer diagnosis. Yet the equipment involved doesn't always abide by doctors' and patients' schedules. That's the cue for Varian Medical Systems, a manufacturer of medical devices providing equipment for radiation treatment to those who need it most. Recognizing the company needed to act quickly to bolster its remote service, program manager Dan DuBeau says his department searched for new solutions -- Axeda, Questra, and Cisco Systems' WebEx were all in the running. Axeda, a Foxboro, MA-based provider of remote monitoring and device relationship management, won out thanks to what DuBeau calls the best array of functionality available, and a willingness to work with Varian on a customized solution including desktop control.
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