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									                                                                              Canadian Mennonite March 2, 2009                 21

Practise what you preach                                                              shared many meals and face-to-face con-
                                                                                      versations,” noted Neufeld.
                                                                                        “Without the relationships we have built
Mennonite Creation Care Network follows its own                                       through face-to-face meetings, communi-
                                                                                      cating and working on projects using the
advice to not travel long distances to meetings
                                                                                      technology would have been much more
                                                                                      challenging,” added council member
Mennonite Creation Care network Release
                                                                                      Joanne Moyer of Winnipeg.
                                                                                        Based on the success of its first nonfer-

L   ast November, the Mennonite Creation and developing an Anabaptist creation ence, the creation care network council is
    Care Network council replaced its care project.
regular bi-annual face-to-face meeting
                                                                                      planning to continue using this model for
                                               “What made this successful is that we one of its two yearly meetings. Λ
with a “nonference.”                        know each other as a committee and have
   The council came up with the idea of a
nonference “to encourage people to find
ways of getting together without having to                                     CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
travel vast distances,” said council member                     The Organization:
David Neufeld of Winnipeg. “We decided
                                                                Mennonite Savings and Credit Union is a progressive and
to take our own advice of encouraging                           visionary organization founded on values of stewardship,
people to look for ways to reduce our en-                       compassion, and mutual aid. From our modest beginnings
vironmental footprint associated with the                       as a ‘shoe-box’ operation in 1964, we have grown in size
travel to meetings. So our Goshen mem-        to 120 staff members who are dedicated to serving the financial needs of
bers organized a day-long meeting with        our 16,200 Mennonite, Brethren in Christ and Amish members, with dollars
                                              under administration rapidly approaching three quarter of a billion dollars.
networked phones and computers to ex-
change ideas, share documents and discuss     The Opportunity:
issues without leaving the comfort of home    Accountable to, and guided by the Board of Directors, you will provide
or office.”                                   leadership to MSCU, directing and managing the overall operation to
                                                ensure solid financial performance an
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